App For Blind Drivers And Bikers

Project RAY, leaders in smartphones for the blind, launch RayGo – for  using your apps while driving or biking without ever looking at your  phone. April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. In it’s honor, Project RAY has launched their newest device, extending their patented eyes-free  technology for the blind to drivers and bikers everywhere. RayGo […]

Adlens Interface Highlights Dangers Of Blue Light Emissions

Adlens®,leader in adjustable focus eyewear, has identified a continuing trend in the publication of health warnings and studies related to harmful blue light emitted by screens. Exposure to these harmful wavelengths continues to increase as all generations become more and more dependent on smartphones, computers, televisions and tablets. Based on this, Adlens InterfaceTM proves to […]

BM Technology Creates Eyewear For Dry Eye

Most of us spend hours in front of our computers, tablets and phones and other glowing devices which lead to digital eye strain AKA dry eye. While there are many solutions for dry eye, including eyewear, BM Technology has come up with a few more alternatives to beat the Dry Eye Syndrome. People in a […]

Injecting Eyeballs To Give Night Vision?

This is a scary thought… injecting your eyeballs with Chlorin e6 to give night vision? I don’t want anyone messing with my sight… each to their own! In “people becoming superhuman” news, a small independent research group has figured out how to give humans night vision, allowing them to see over 50 meters in the […]

Nine Out of 10 Employees Admit Visual Disturbances Are Impacting Work

Shedding a Light on Vision Problems in the Workplace: Nine Out of 10 Employees Admit Visual Disturbances Are Negatively Impacting Their Quality of Work Transitions Optical Research Reveals Indoor/Outdoor Light Is a Top Complaint, yet Few Employees Are Taking Steps to Address the Issue PINELLAS PARK, Fla.Feb, 2015 – Nine out of 10 employees say […]

Learning About Computer Eyeglasses

You’ve heard of reading glasses, maybe even driving glasses, but how about computer glasses? Many of us spend eight hours a day, if not more, staring at a computer screen, so it really does makes sense to have glasses dedicated to the job. Watching too much TV may give you square eyes, but sitting at […]

How to Prevent Eye Damage from Computers, iPhones, iPads and Mobile Devices

Vision is the sense most heavily relied on by modern, technological society. Hearing may come in as a close second, but even without a sense of hearing, we could still navigate most electronics. Without our eyes, that becomes a laborious task. But what, exactly, are the screens we look at so much, doing to our […]