Could Mollusk Shells Be A New Generation of Eyewear?

This could be interesting: Due to toughness, the light properties and the ability to repair itself, Mollusks could be used in eyewear in the future: “Mollusk shells are tough – they easily withstand most attacks from predators. Yet, the shell of the windowpane oyster is also transparent. This odd combination has caught the attention of […]

Are Bejeweled Eyelashes Safe?

While cute, this is rather dangerous. Is bejeweling your eyelashes safe? Learn more at Brian Boxer Wachler, MD was featured on The Doctors TV show explaining the hazards of wearing Eye Jewelry.  

Matrix Develop Class for Google Glass

Matrix is developing a class for google glass  in conjunction with google. They will be the first to develop education (hair styling) through Smart Eyewear. For more information on the Matrix Class for Glass program, visit

Shadesworthy Hats For National Hat Day

National Hat day is January 14, 2014. This is the day to pick out the Panama, stick on the Stetson, Dig up the Deerstalker, Toss on the Top Hat and celebrate the wearing of hats. Which of course brings us back to eye hats and eye hat campaigns. When I saw the new ad campaign […]

Pantone Colors Spring 2014

Every year Pantone releases their colors for the year. This year is a mix of vibrant and pastels. I consider these happy colors, which all need a little more of these days. For men For Women Color of the year   From Pantone: Three very adaptable pastels sit on one end of the palette, and, […]

Tech Tuesday: The Future of Eyeglass Technology

The Future of Eyewear and technology. Will you wear your technology on your face? On your wrist? in your clothes, your shoes?

Eyewear Trends: Animal Prints

If you think animal prints are over, think again, Animal prints are always in. You can pair up  your leopard eyewear with a tribal look, mix and max with browns, tans, blacks and even red. We like the chic retro look with the leopard temples. Accessorize with a jeweled eyeglass chain and voila, you are […]