Rambunctious Rimless Eyewear

Many of the first eyeglasses were rimless. Drill four holes put in a bridge and two temples and there was your eyeglasses. Then came the invention of the nylon cord which wrapped the lenses to the frame, that started around 1960. The next revolution was the Rimless Faceted Polaris eyeglasses in the 1970’s- 1980’s.  Both […]

Wearing Embossed Eyewear With Pride

One strong trend in eyewear is the decorated and etched lens. Pride Eyewear, an award winning Italian eyewear company statement shades are a must have. Three shapes and four engraved options are offered in the rimless sunwear. The decorated lenses encircle the lenses ‘framing’ the face. One option is a bubbled look. The blue mirrored girded […]

Eyewear Trends: 14 Shades of Purple

Purple is a shade of two colors blue and red. You can call it Purple, Bosenberry, Violet, Magneta, Lilac, Amethyst, Eggplant, Indigo, Lavender, Orchid, Plum, Mulberry.. the names are endless along with eyewear styles. What we love most of all, you can eyewear purple with anything and it looks eye-tastic on almost everybody. 50 Shades of Purple […]

Eyewear Trends: Shades Of Orange

The color orange is cropping up more and more in eyewear and we love it. Orange is a warm color and transmits warmth, happiness and even social communication. The vibrancy of the color orange represents risk taking, energy and adventure. It is a great stand out color. Orange can we worn with lots of other colors: […]

Sunwear Trends Spring Summer 2016

The sunglass fanatics that we are we look forward to every season to see what is new. For Spring Summer 2016 sunglasses are looking drool-worthy. The reigning trend still is oversized and chunky. Vibrant colors are showing and rimless is making a strong comeback. We of course love the Wild And Crazy looks. Acne Studios […]

Virtual Reality Devices To Ship 43 Million Units By 2020

Virtual Reality Devices to Ship 43 Million Units by 2020, with Mobile-Reliant Head Mounted Displays Foremost, Says ABI Researc SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–The early excitement surrounding AR and VR has prompted some substantial bets from major players, including Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Facebook. Microsoft’s Hololens will likely be a major driver of consumer AR devices, while Google […]

Unlock Your Smart Phone With Your Eyeballs

Tired of punching in numbers or swiping strange patterns to unlock your smartphone? Fingerprint and facial recognition have been tried before with varying levels of success, and now ZTE thinks it can offer something better. The company’s Grand S3 smartphone in China is getting a feature called “Sky Eye,” which lets you swap Android’s traditional […]