Samsung’s Patent For Smart Glasses With A/R Keyboard

Samsung is working on a new kind of user interface for a potential future product. The company has been busy filing patents related to smartglasses along the lines of Google Glass, and a new one shows how a virtual 3D interface could solve one of that product’s major shortcomings. Read the full story here at […]

Amazon Files Patent For Smart Glasses

An Amazon patent for smart glasses published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office may indicate the online retailer isn’t giving up on bold hardware initiatives just yet. Though the company began winding down some of its experimental hardware efforts in August, Amazon appears interested in a pair of glasses that could place video streamed from […]

Google Files New Patent For Solar Powered Contact Lens

Google continues file patents for contact lenses . They are working on the smart contact lens for diabetics and filed a patent for Iris reading contact lens  In a new patent filed October 13, it appears that this contact lens will be operated by solar cells. This health monitoring contact lenses would monitor body temperatures and blood […]

Sci-Fi Contact Lenses Coming Soon

Magic Leap who had a huge investment by Google earlier this year has just filed 97 patents for Augmented Reality Contact Lenses. They released a cute video back in March. Magic Leap, which is still keeping quiet about what exactly it’s building at its Florida headquarters, has applied for 97 patents, including one for an […]

iConnect – Headphone Eyewear

First there was Buhel Tech Sunglasses who kicked butt on their Kickstarter Campaign raising over $400,000 for their headphone sunglasses and we just discovered Toxic Eyewear has launched their own Bluetooth Device that is integrated into the temple. Called iconnect, the new product also connect via a bluetooth device which is integrated on the temple. […]

Kickstarting Monday: Jet Lag Eyeglasses By Ayo

Congratulations to Ayo who has achieved the crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo. Raising over $149,000 USD, they have tapped into the sleepless niche with a focus on Jet Lag. If you have ever traveled, you know how much Jet Lag can zap your energy and leave you for 2-4 days feeling groggy and tired. Ago promises […]

Buhel BlueTooth Sunglasses x Headphones Raise Over $400,000 On Kickstarter

Can you believe this! Buhel raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter to fund their bluetooth Sunglass Headset. Buhel SGO5 features bone conduction technology that allows you to listen to calls and music with no headsets or earphones, and bi-directional microphone. Let’s face it earplugs and headphones get lost, broken or they’re just to bulky to carry in […]