Celebrities Wearing Celebrities’ Eyeglasses

There was a great article by Neal Gabler in Newsweek last month about understanding our craven celebrity culture. Gabler says that “Celebrity” is actually a new art form that competes with—and often supersedes—more traditional entertainments like movies, books, plays, and TV shows (and the occasional golf tournament), and that performs, in its own roundabout way, […]

Mercura Sunglasses in Vogue and Red Razor Mag

Mercura Eyewear ever the eyewear trendsetter,  seems to be showing up in our favorite Fashion Mags. . This Lego block look is a playful look for a vision of the future and the Aurora is a classic that has been in their line since the beginning.

Parasite Eyewear 2010- Futuristic and Recyclable Eyewear

Parasite Eyewear comes on the futuristic and Hi-tech eyewear market with a material called Steelskin, a stainless steel alloy that is lightweight, strong and recyclable.

Rihanna Wearing Mercura Eyewear

Rihanna, a true fashion-eye-sta is seen wearing Mercura Eyewear Chain Sunglasses. Mercura NY is known for starting the Chain sunglass look!

Plexiglass Sunglasses By Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow continues to produce unique eyewear for the haute eyewear crowd. Plexiglass Sunglasses in eye catching orange and green shaded colors will definitely make the wearer stand out. Available from Colette

Electric Visuals Electric Snow Goggle and Interview with Andy Mahre

Electrical Visual mini behind the scenes interview with professional skier Andy Mahre wearing the EGI snow google. The snow goggles are featured in Electric Snow Goggle campaign.

LaCoste 2010 Runway Fashion Show

Runway highlights from Michael Angel at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, Spring 2010. Lacoste Eyewear is distributed by Charmant Group.