Hung Up on Hangar Eyewear

The outside the frame look continues to get stronger as new looks are layered or in this case from Hangar Eyewear, different shapes are set outside a classic rimless chassis. The chassis is a rimless frame with a drill mount look. Based in Italy, this seemingly new eyewear company has some different looks but we […]

Rudy Project Launches New Sintryx Style For Athletes

Denver CO – Rudy Project, Italian crafters of award-winning performance sunglasses, helmets, prescription eyewear and gear since 1985, just released the latest addition to the 2018 eyewear lineup – the Sintryx – an innovative wraparound sunglass with a unique lens release system. A single push on the spring-loaded central logo releases the lower part of […]

Erdem’s Fall Garden Printed Sunglasses

I am loving Flower Motifs in Sunglasses. The latest look from Erdem via Linda Farrow is a perfecta of a garden party. The cat eye style (also available in other colors) is a chunky acetate look set with flourishing flowers. One color combination is in verdant green and the other in a forest shaded black base […]

Out Of This World Galactic Eyewear

By now you have probably realized that we ‘shoot for the moon’ by introducing out of this world eyewear designs and companies. We found another company call MX Eye Design based in France. Fairly new company that was launched in 2016 just created their ‘Galactic Eyewear’ look in time for the new Star Wars movie.

Adorable Avocado Sunglasses

We absolutely love these adorable Avocado sunglasses. This limited edition only 5 pieces made,  sunnies were made with sustainable wood. Custom made by hand in Andalusia by Malaga artist Pedrita Parker. The lenses are Carl Zeiss Vision.   By the way All About ‘National Avocado Day’ is the 31st Of July. September 16 is National Guacamole […]

Retro And Funky Ski Shades

Until I saw these, I thought the whole funky, DIY shades was a relatively new look in eyewear. Apparently not as these Ski Shades go by the date of 1988. Labeled “The Original UnexSpecTed” glasses. At the time that theses were made there was no Internet, no Etsy, no Amazon, so I am really surprised […]

Kickstarting Monday: Shred Sunglasses

One of our favorite give back sport sunglass companies Shred Optics just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to produce new styles with impact resistance lenses, which they call Contrast Boosting Lens (CBL) technology. The Shred Boost sunglasses will combine the lenses and lightweight frames for active lift stylers.