ic!berlin Goes Urban Jungle For Summer 2017

This year, do summer differently with ic! berlin’s new plotic collection, urban. Inspired by the brutalist architecture movement of the mid 20th century, ‘ic! berlin urban’ is a 3D printed summer vacation for your face. Instead of following the masses to the beach and fighting over 2 square metres of sand, ic! berlin wants you to […]

Fabulous and Fanciful Francis Klein Eyewear

Another eyewear company that I like is one that I rarely post about and that is Francis Klein. This indie French eyewear brand has been creating stunning eyewear since 1970. We want to paid attention to their limited edition jeweled and baroque collection. The looks says it all, sometimes words cannot describe how gorgeous and […]

Kinetic and Kooky Kyme Sunglasses

I saw this Kyme Sunglasses and thought how fun and a little kinetic, with a electrical charge look. Is it a frame within a frame? An shape- shifter? A combination look with acetate and metal? The style is called Twiggy after I am sure the 1960’s- 70’s iconic and skinny British model with the huge […]

Polaroid Polarized Pop Cosmetic Lenses

A hit during the 1980s – a decade characterized by a pop  aesthetic and flashy colors – cosmetic lenses are now back with a bang! And, with it, comes the latest sunglass trend: glasses with lively sorbet-colored lenses. While cosmetic lenses previously offered no eye protection whatsoever, today, POLAROID EYEWEAR reinterprets this ‘80s phenomenon with a […]

Hot on Hachill Sunglasses

I just discovered a optical-sunwear line called Hachill.  What first attracted me is their logo. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes wonder, where did the logo or the name come from. Hachill lays it out for us in their Logo Inspiration, which I happen to think is very cool. This established in 2011 eyewear […]

ic!berlin x Tarian Launch Vegetarian Eyewear

For Summer 2017 ic! berlin teamed up with their former bookkeeping intern turned eyewear wunderkind Jeremy Tarian for ic! berlin x tarian: a collection of vegan* or- ganic fair-trade regional non-GMO deconstructed decaf soy cappuccino eyewear for vegetarians, humanitarians, egalitarians, fruitarians and antidisestablishmentar- ians. Since his internship at ic! berlin in 2009, during which he […]

Soaring High With Sama’s Summer Aviator Sunwear

Since 1936 Aviator sunglasses have become mainstream and not just for pilots. Sama takes the Aviators sunglass and jettisons it to a new plane. You will find — Pattern, texture, size shape and color as well as new aerodymic shapes and featherweight titanium are all first class. Sama Eyewear offers the butterfly, high bridge, geometric shapes, jewlery […]