Classic Car Inspired Sunglasses We Love

There are many ‘Car Branded Eyeglasses‘: Hummer, Maybach, Mercedes, Porsche, Cadillac, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, BMW, Mustang and Corvette. Add in Dale Earnhardt Jr and NASCAR, plus motorcycles such as Ducati and Vespa, it just goes to tell you we have a love affair with cars. Most of the branded are upscale lines athat match the […]

Elle Sunwear For Spring 2017

The ELLE brand draws its inspirations from Parisian chic and French lifestyle. Casual, smart and chic, the ELLE woman loves feminine elegance and sensual designs. Being independent with a positive attitude to life, she effortlessly defines her own individual style by combining comfortable, wearable fashion with on-trend catwalk pieces. ELLE eyewear reflects just that: stylish […]

WileyX Defending Sight For 30 Years

Back in 1987, Wiley X® founder and military veteran Myles Freeman, Sr. launched a small, but innovative company to develop shatterproof, impact-resistant eyewear for the brave men and women of the U.S. military.  At the time, his sons and current Wiley X owners Dan Freeman and Myles Freeman, Jr. were just kids helping their dad […]

ic!berlin Launches Rubber Eyewear

Inspired by the flexibility needed of someone with an on-the-go lifestyle, ic! berlin presents its first ever collection of rubber, a brand new range of sporty and bendy rubberized sunglasses that are up to the challenge of any activity of the wearer, in three brand new shapes. Handmade in Berlin and treated with a polyurethane-based […]

Lacy Looks From Luisa Leitao Sunwear

Korea has become a hot bed of emerging fashion, which includes eyewear. Fairly new on the scene is eyewear designer Luisa Leitao. We fell in love with the lace sunglasses. Lace in eyewear can be romantic, whimsical, coy, sexy and mysterious. The look from Luisa Leitao can be all depending on color, clothing and mood. […]

Fendi’s Rainbow Sunglasses Inspired by Kaleidoscopes

The new sunglasses are unveiled in a mesmerizing colourful flow where coloured triangles, the iconic element of the sunglasses collection, play with graphic lines, as well as with round and drop silhouettes, recalling the eyewear shapes. The multiple chromatic layers of these vibrant worlds celebrate the colors of the stones embellishing the frames as well […]

Temples And Bridges Eyewear Inspired by Architecture

One often wonders how companies get their name, not so in the new eyewear company Temples and Bridges. It is very apparent that the focus is strategically located on temples and bridges. Architectural elements are definitely in play. It seems that the styling is inspired by either temples or bridges. We picked out a few […]