Is The Future Solar Sunglasses?

Over the years there are has been several attempts at creating Solar Sunglasses. But the look has been bulky and not really usable. Today, researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have created ‘sunglasses with colored, semitransparent solar cells applied onto their lenses that supply a microprocessor and two displays with electric power. This […]

Wiley X Introduces Polarized WX Boss With Kryptek Highlander

Award-Winning Climate Control™ Sunglass Delivers Clear Vision, Premium Protection and Advanced Camouflage For Avid Hunters, Shooters and Anglers Wiley X®, Inc. has added a new version of its popular WX Boss Climate Control™ sunglass that is sure to hit the mark with those who love to hunt, shoot and fish.  The model is already gaining […]

Staycation Shades Vacation

Not all of us can afford the time or $$$ to visit merry old England. Now you can take trip via the  LDNR sunwear collection. This fun sunglass collection is named after cities and areas in the UK. Put your shades on and start surfing! Style Brompton ‘spreads over 3 districts in London. Traditionally “the artist […]

Artistic Inspired Eyewear by Accrue

New Korean eyewear design company Accrue is ‘wear inspired’ by artists and writers. The eyewear is named after writers such as Hesse, Sarte, Joyce, Eliot, Ernest and the sunglasses are named after famous artists. I really like the way the present each style, with a motif, the sunglass and then their vision of each cultural […]

Original Vintage: Vintage Eyewear Meets Today

We haven’t written too much about some of the eyewear collections coming from Greece. Ergo, Original Vintage, a reborn look from true vintage eyewear. Using rivets, keyhole bridges and round shapes, they are a look of today.   Original Vintage

Forward Ho With Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Many years ago we wrote about a new eyewear company called Westward// Leaning out of San Francisco. I love the fact they are a give-back company and this year (2017)25% of the Spring 2017 is going to the United Nations. The Give Back is one thing, but I really like the symbolism  of the // […]

Hooting Fun Eyewear For Owl Appreciation Day

Whoooo Whooo look at these fun sunglasses to celebrate National Owl Appreciation Day August 4! Giant wings are spread over the top of the sunglasses with dazzling crystals, the perfect eye or mouse catching sunnies. Via Timbee-Lo