Carottes Râpées (shredded carrots)

Febuary 3, 2016 is National Carrot Day . Today we are eyeing Carottes Rapees to help us celebrate one of the most important veggies you can eat for your eye health. French women make being chic seem effortless. We see it in their ability to look stunningly good in jeans, a simple cotton shirt and […]

Leftover Turkey Pot Stickers

If your family is like ours and becomes both warm and cold Turkey sandwiches weary by the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving, and if the thought of yet another large pot of turkey carcass and root vegetable soup no longer stirs the imagination, pot stickers may be just the thing to get your creative leftover […]

Eye Eat Healthy: Salmon Tartare

Thanksgiving celebration starts early in my family. An after lunch mountain hike, or a touch football game in the nearby park that includes all invited guests and a few neighborhood kids, no matter their age, no matter the weather with special attention paid to grandparents, aunts, uncles and little children safety because pesky trips to […]

eye Eat Healthy: Gluten, Dairy- and Sugar-Free Chocolate Date Cake

This nutrient-dense Tasty Tuesday recipe is a gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free single-layer chocolate cake. It’s perfect for crisp autumn days and nights. It’s also perfect for all the gluten-intolerant, gluten-sensitive and paleo-dieting folks. We elected to serve it with whipped cream made from lightly sweetened canned coconut milk and fresh raspberries to satisfy our collective sweet tooth. Interestingly, half of the Biosyntrx […]

Eye Eat Healthy: Cold Thai Melon Gazpacho

Mark Bittman nutrient-dense fresh vegetables chilled gazpacho recipes are summer-perfect, particularly for those with visiting relatives including grown children and grandchildren. Gazpacho: Not Hot and Not a Bother “Gazpacho is so easy that children old enough to manage a food processor or a blender can make it themselves. But whether or not you have pint-size sous […]

Thai Cucumber Salad with Garlic, Lime and Mint

One of the things I miss most about living in San Francisco is really spicy Thai food because it’s always made with the freshest ingredients and spices. Some say we become addicted to Thai food because our intuitively smart brains quickly determine that impeccably fresh Thai food provides many powerhouse nutrients missing from our overly […]

Cherry Coulis with Panna Cotta

For National Cherry Day, Biosyntrx did this delicious sounding recipe. April Steinhert recently wrote about vivid, voluptuous sweet cherries on her Victus and Vinous blog about life, food and spirits. So off I went to the local market to purchase a pound or two of seasonal beauties so I could try her recipe for Cherry […]