Intelligent Goggles For The Visually Impaired

Researchers at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid (UC3M), Spain, have developed a pair of “intelligent” goggles that make getting around a bit easier for partly-sighted people, by providing them with Terminator-style vision. Using a pair of cameras mounted on a virtual reality headset connected to a tiny computer, the device scans the area ahead […]

ALIVIOS Intelligent Eyewear For Low Vision Patients

ALIVIOS Intelligent eyewear is a new class of wearable, electronic assistive technology for people with low vision. Using a high resolution video camera and near-to-eye high performance video screens, ALIVIOS modifies whatever the wearer is looking at to maximize the effectiveness of their remaining sight.

97 Out of 100 Children In China Who Needed Glasses Didn’t Wear Them

97 out of every 100 children in rural China who needed glasses didn’t wear them Efforts to raise educational standards in developing countries have tended to focus on the quality of teachers and the provision of books and buildings, but a study reveals a much simpler, cheaper solution could be the answer. Giving free pairs […]

Guide Vest For Visually Impaired Acts As Eyes

We’ve looked at a number of efforts to extend the capabilities of the traditional white cane for the visually impaired, such as using ultrasonic echoes or lasers to give users a better lay of the land. But a group of engineering researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) are looking to do away with […]

New Uses For Eyewear Telescopes

Just got the new Craft Optics blog post and he brought up a great point on why you would need a telescopic attachment to your eyewear- beading and fine electronics. In previous blogs, I wrote about jewelry artists, needlepoint artists, cross-stitchers, and tattoo artists among many others. The latest areas to cross my path are […]

Visually Impaired Teen Creates Works Of Art

14 Year old teen in Kansas is creating works of art an inspiration to all visually impaired people.

Optometry Giving Sight- A Sri Lanka Story

Name: S A Chandrawathi Age: 51 Location: Her home, Sri Lanka Project: Giving Sight in Sri Lanka Chandrawathi is the mother of newly trained Vision Technician, Niroshan. They live along a dirt road next to paddy fields in a remote area of the Kegalle District in Sri Lanka. Chandrawathi is a housewife and cares for her family. Her husband works in […]