Top Labs Nominated By Transitions Optical

HIRSCH OPTICAL, TOLEDO OPTICAL AND WINCHESTER OPTICAL NAMED FINALISTS FOR 19th ANNUAL TRANSITIONS LAB OF THE YEAR AWARD Winner to be Announced at 2010 Transitions Academy in February PINELLAS PARK, Fla., Dec. 9, 2009 – Transitions Optical, Inc. has announced the three finalists for the 2009 U.S. Transitions Lab of the Year Award.  Hirsch Optical, […]

Optical Laboratories-Lens Coating Facilities

The following list of labs specialize in optical lab coatings: Hard Coats, Scratch-Resistant Coatings, Anti-Reflective, Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, Mirror  and Flash Mirror Coating, and Tints including sunglasses . Many of the below listed labs offer full prescription optical and surfacing services. Many of the optical surfacing labs have coating equipment on site as well. A American […]