Kickstarting Monday: Original Trading Co Restoring Vintage Sunwear

Original Trading Company surpassed their Indiegogo goal and received $26,000+ in funding. The Sterling 23 Sunglasses are remakes from 1930-1940’s driving and sports and safety glasses. What happened this guy sees a pair and orders them online. Experiments and updates them. Wears them arounds and get orders for the frames. Just goes to show you […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Shady Shields And Mono Masks

Masks, Goggles and Shields have been around for many years. Much of the look started with Driving Glasses back in the 1920’s. As eyewear became increasingly popular, companies such as American Optical started promoting the Shield as Sport Glass. From Sports to Safety, came the fashion aspect which started to evolve in the 1940’s leading […]

Eyewear Now And Then: 1985 vs 2013 Extreme Cat Eyes

Many years ago, when Luxottica was a much smaller company they put out a yearly calendar by Artist Paola Casagrande. The calendars were whimsical flights of eyewear fantasy. For fun we thought we would match the eyewear shown in the calendar with current fashion. Many companies have launched extreme cat-eyes, but the we think the […]

History Of Butterfly Eyewear

National Butterfly day is March 14 and we thought would celebrate Butterfly Eyewear today. Looking back, the first reference to to butterflies that we found was on a Harpers Bazaar issue in the 1940’s. Featuring a Butterfly with eyes superimposed on a woman’s face. Maybe that inspired the 1950’s cat eye fashion with jeweled butterfly […]

Celebrating Presidents Day Eyewear

In celebration of Presidents Day in the United States we have gone back to showcase a few of our presidents and their eyewear. Presidents Day was created in 1885 to celebrate President George Washington. Officially February 22, is still known as Washington’s Birthday. In 1971 Presidents Day was officially created as part of the Uniform […]

A History of X-Ray Vision Eyewear

International Day of Radiology is November 8th. We are celebrating this phenomenal day with a X-Ray Vision Post. X-rays were discovered in 1895 by  German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen while working in his laboratory in Würzburg. Like so many other inventions, it was accidentally discovered. He also received the first Nobel prize for physics in 1901 for his […]

Sunwear Now And Then: Large Round 1960- 2010

We have probably seen this infamous picture of a Pierre Marly sunglass from the 1960’s hundreds of times over the last several years.  It is all over Tumblr and Pinterest and on every eyewear blog. Pierre Marly was a famous, unique and innovation eyewear designer, and many have copies or relived his fashions over the years. […]