Eyewear Now And Then: Alain Mikli x Jeremy Scott

Everything that goes around comes around and we see it for Jeremy Scott’s Spring Summer Runway show 2017 featuring the iconic asymmetrical 1980’s sunglass by Alain Mikli. This sunglass put Alain Mikli on the map so to say, with celebrities such as Elton John loyal followers. 1980’s Alain Mikli’s sunglass came in a variety of […]

Retrospective: One Lens Sunglasses

1960’s Mod Fashion included the futuristic look in sunglasses. One look was the plexi-glass or an acrylic lens one piece sunglass. The sunwear look was vibrant and made colorful statements. We first see this look in a 1959 Vogue Fashion layout. Anne St. Marie is sporting a large square and orange sunglass. The look as […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Upswept Sunwear

Over the last several years we have seen the cat-eye take on some very dramatic looks. The upsweep is akin to the raised eyebrow, the look of surprise? The look can be layered over a round frame or a square frame or even another cat-eye. Is this look new? The Harlequin look came in the […]

History of Aleut- Eskimo Eyewear

Aleut eyewear was worn by those in the frozen north for hundreds of years before the concept was re-introduced as fashion in the 1930’s, the 1950’s, the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and into the 2000’s.  Aleutians and or Eskimos wore what slits to protect their eyes from snow blindness. They were made of wood, walrus, leather […]

Happy Stork Day: Stork Shades By Oliver Goldsmith

Stork Day is celebrated March 25. This Stork Sunglass was made by Oliver Goldsmith in response to Lady Dianna expecting announcement. Two storks carrying ‘lenses’ surround the outer rims of the sunglasses.

Carrerra Eyewear Celebrates 60 Years

PADOVA, 2016 – When Austrian entrepreneur and eyewear maker Wilhelm Anger founded his sport goggles company in 1956, little did he know that, 60 years later, the brand would be one of the most renowned and innovative lifestyle eyewear brand. Wilhelm Anger named its Company after the longest, fastest, most dangerous race in the world: […]

Persol Eyewear’s Sprightly Vintage Eyewear Ads

To meet the eyewear demands of sport drivers and pilots Persol eyewear founder Giuseppe Ratti started his iconic eyewear company in 1917. Today the brand is still revered for its durability, fashionability, and luxury. The trademark “Supreme Arrow” – often imitated but never duplicated – is featured on many of the sunglasses and eyeglasses and has become synonymous to the […]