WTFrame: Orphan Bird Paper Eyewear

Orphan Bird is a clothing label founded in 2012 by an Italian designer, Ciro Supino, and a Swedish photographer/visual artist, Sara Lohman. I was looking at the paper eyewear, which if made from recycled paper could be very eco friendly, when done with the look, just put in the recycling bin.

Oliver Goldsmith’s Eyewear RetroSpectacular At National Glass Center

Oliver Goldsmith, eyewear purveyor to royalty and and celebrities the world over was honored in a spectacular way at the National Glass Center in the UK. I wish had seen it. Just to view the history of Oliver Goldsmith and his outstanding eyewear would have been a highlight of the year. He was known as […]

WTFrame: Seeing Through Daisies (Eyewear)

Pierre Eyewear is known for their innovative eyewear designs. From Horses to Vespa Eyewear, it seems that every year they come up with outlandish designs that just Wow. This year at Vision Expo East (2014) I was blown away by the Daisy Designed eyeglasses, that really look great. Coming in three colors, white, pink and […]

Tom Rebl Leather Limited Edition Eyewear On The Runway

Presented at the AW fashion show in Calabiana, Milan, this artisanal-made eyeglass is a contemporary reinterpretation of the protection masks of the artic population Inuit, being playing with the “slit” concept and overturning it into its opposite. Released in a limited edition, Tom Rebl Inuit sunglasses are a pure handicraft made of leather and raw steel. The […]

WTFrame: Five Frog Frames

National Frog Day is April 26, 2014. We are celebrating because without frogs we would be over- run with flies, gnats and mosquitos as that is a Frogs favorite food. Today’s Feature is Frog Eyewear and Sunglasses. You may not be able to find the top, but there are plenty of novelty frog sunglasses. These […]

On This Day In History: A Look At Phoroptor Fashion

Remember when Justin Timberlake came out with his Phoroptor 20/20 Experience Album? Then Lady Gaga came out with her ‘Phoropt0r Album’.  Then Chanel launched a Spectral Phoroptor Video? Why all of a sudden are Phoroptrs or Refractors hot? Today on April 25th, 1921 Reichert Technologies filed a patent with the United States Patent office for […]

WTFrame: Eyewear Your Favorite Animal

Ran across these very cute and fun animal themed sunglasses from G-Sevenstars.   Large and chunky, these animal printed sunglasses are sure to turn some heads and make people go wild. All the below come in a variety of Lens tints and mirrored lenses. Which one is your favorite? I love the Pandas! These Panda Sunglasses […]