B Michael America Fall Winter 2014: Melodramatic Masks

B Michael America, took eyewear on the runway to a new level… Masks! Masks have been used for centuries from festivals to fertility. We, in modern times might use a mask for Halloween, Mardi Gras or a costume party. I can see wearing these masks any holiday event, they are dramatic, enticing and sexy. Who […]

WTFrame: Dotty Eyewear From Manish Arora

I love Manish Arora clothing and I love Manish Arora Eyewear. For Spring Summer 2014, he has took clear frames and dotted them in an ethnic fashion, highlighted by a touch of eye makeup. The winged or extreme cat eye version hugs the face, creating tattoo look..  

Doughnut Eyewear For National Doughnut Day June 1

June 1 is National Donut Day and June 8th is National Jelly Filled Donut Day. Doughnuts are one of the worst foods we could possibly eat, full of calories, fat, carbs…For the record here are 29 Healthier Donut Recipes, which while still fattening, at least we could celebrate by healthier choices. Instead of eating doughnuts, why […]

Luxury Fashion From Recycled Eyeglass Lenses

Mehdi Kasraoui, trashion fashionista, has taken up-cycling optical lenses into a new arena! Sunglass dresses, headbands, hats, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings.. you name it and he has done it. Paris based, he was inspired by aviator shaped lenses and obviously mirrored lenses.  Wearing the aviator dress would be a blinding experience that is for sure! […]

WTFrame: Silmo D’or Nominees 2013

Silmo D’or is a prestigious award given to innovative optical companies every year at the Silmo Trade Show convention. Created in 1994, this prize honors and rewards those optical companies that show creatively, technology, quality and innovation. The following are runners up for the Silmo D’Or 2013.                

WTFrame: Human Bone Eyewear

Who would have thought? We have eyewear from whale, buffalo, deer horn and Mammoth Tusks, we have seen eyewear from human hair and alpacas, we have seen eyewear from the jaws of sharks and deer, but to tell you the truth we have never seen this Human Bone Eyewear made with sternum and ribs.

WTFrame – Switch Hitter Sunwear

Eyewear design- This interesting upside down, dual purpose sunglass-  won a Good Design Award in 2010 along with an IF Award. One side is brown lenses and the other is grey with a what looks like a Flash Mirror Coating. Perfect for different weather conditions.