WTFrame: Five Frog Frames

National Frog Day is April 26, 2014. We are celebrating because without frogs we would be over- run with flies, gnats and mosquitos as that is a Frogs favorite food. Today’s Feature is Frog Eyewear and Sunglasses. You may not be able to find the top, but there are plenty of novelty frog sunglasses. These […]

On This Day In History: A Look At Phoroptor Fashion

Remember when Justin Timberlake came out with his Phoroptor 20/20 Experience Album? Then Lady Gaga came out with her ‘Phoropt0r Album’.  Then Chanel launched a Spectral Phoroptor Video? Why all of a sudden are Phoroptrs or Refractors hot? Today on April 25th, 1921 Reichert Technologies filed a patent with the United States Patent office for […]

WTFrame: Eyewear Your Favorite Animal

Ran across these very cute and fun animal themed sunglasses from G-Sevenstars.   Large and chunky, these animal printed sunglasses are sure to turn some heads and make people go wild. All the below come in a variety of Lens tints and mirrored lenses. Which one is your favorite? I love the Pandas! These Panda Sunglasses […]

Plucky Princess Eyewear For National Princess Week

National Princess Week starts April 13, 2014 and while it is a big hoopla invented by Disney to sell more stuff.. Princesses are the story of Fairy Tales and really what child does not want to be a  princess? The one accessory that screams Princess or Queen is the Tiara.. Tiaras also known as diadems […]

Silhouette Eyewear Releases Iconic Anniversary ‘Futura’ Shades

Silhouette, announced it’s Futura Anniversary Collection with an update of the iconic Futura Eyewear which was developed in 1974.The original Futura was made of  stiff heavy acetate with a redesign in 2004. The new design embodies Silhouettes minimalist cutting edge outlook which is practically weightless and sleek modern. The rimless edition is made of SPX+, […]

WTFrame: Factory 900 Innovative Eyewear Design

Every year we wait to see what the Japanese eyewear brand Factory 900 has created for their show-stopping eyewear collection. Whilst we are waiting check out some of their older innovative eyewear designs.        

Altering Facial Features Is Jetsons Gone Wild

Hyungkoo Lee ‘s Altering Facial Features Art is a little spooky, like the Jetson’s go Monsters of the Blue Lagoon. Space age fashion with wearable tech?