Creepy Cat-Shades For Halloween

One of our go-to cat-eyed looks is Reve by Bene whose first eyewear collection composed of classic looks with detachable ‘cat’ accoutrements. Just for the Halloween of it, we are showcasing all of her devilish designs that can be worn and a perfect accompaniment to any Hair-raising Halloween Feet. Via Reve Bene

Nine Monstrous Mouthy Shades For Halloween

Mouths can be creepy if they blood dripping, slimy, broken, fangs, we pulled together a selection of the most munster-like mouth frames that could be a choice to wear for Halloween. First a fearsome fang look by Reve Bene! The fangs are detachable and do come in other colors. This mouthy look transforms a pair […]

Atypical Apple Eyeglasses

National Apple Day is October 21 and Eat a Red Apple Day is December 1. But OH! What to Eyewear? Markus Lupfer has a Golden Delicious Apple Look that is sure to be worn at any Gala Affair. No Granny Smith look are these, with gradient and or mirrored lenses, an apple cameo shape including […]

Ten Screamworthy Slime Shades For Halloween

Dripping Blood, oozing sores, creepy seeping eyes.. def are the look for Halloween Shades. We found Slime or Bloody Shades can be perfect frightening accessory to wear on Halloween. Slime shades can be seen anywhere from catwalks to novelty stores or better yet you can make your own. This look emulates blood dripping, mostly likely […]

25 Blood Curdling Bat Shades For Halloween

This year we decided to do countdown of Spook-tac-ular Shades for Halloween or Day of The Dead. The challenge is on to Seek New Scary Shades for one of the biggest holidays in the world. Today we are starting out with Bats. Bats are notorious spooky creatures that surround caves, witches and warlocks. 1.) From […]

Creepy Claw Sunglasses

Our countdown begins for the most Horrific Halloween Shades. Here is a look from luxury designer Anna Karin Karlsson called the Claw and The Moon. Where the name comes from we do not know. What we do know, it is a pretty creepy look with those claws reaching around the lenses.  A little Nightmare on […]

What To Eyewear For World Dragon Day

World Dragon Day is October 7- this is a Global Holiday with a whole event calendar and Facebook Page. According to The World Dragon Day website, Dragon are real and their mission is to place in harmony the earth and humans. Whether or not you believe in dragons, love mythical characters or just want to […]