Hooting Fun Eyewear For Owl Appreciation Day

Whoooo Whooo look at these fun sunglasses to celebrate National Owl Appreciation Day August 4! Giant wings are spread over the top of the sunglasses with dazzling crystals, the perfect eye or mouse catching sunnies. Via Timbee-Lo

Percy Lau’s Prismatic Layers For Xander Zhou FW2017

Designer Percy Lau is the master of eyewear layers. While most designer layer acetates or wood, Percy Lau does in lenses. Once again he breaks the glass ceiling and introduces for Xander Zhou Fall- Winter 2017 eyewear collection is a set of over-laid lenses. The prismatic, double visioned and rimless eyeglass are a multi-edged look that […]

Safilo Group x Parsons School of Design Thesis Winners

Safilo Group and The New School’s Parsons School of Design celebrated their Safilo x Parsons Design Thesis Competition partnership earlier this year during the school’s 69th Annual Benefit and Gala on May 22nd. Student finalist Olivia Le Blanc was presented with the Safilo Award and a $5,000 prize and four of the six Safilo prototypes […]

Bruerys’s Bespectacled Beer Bottles

Over the years there have been some ‘optical or eyeglass’ inspired beer and wine. The latest foray into the trend is The Bruery’s Offshoot Beer Co. The look is made to be engaging and shareable on Social Media. Two ‘style’ are available and have names ‘Fashionably Late’ and ‘Better Late Than Never’ . Clever marketing makes the […]

Typewriter Shades For National Typewriter Day

For those who enjoy the Typo-sphere (as in typos) National Typewriter day is June 23! Should we go back to typewriters as there are many advantages: You can go completely off the grid, no need for electricity, no monthly bills, no dropped connections. Anyone remember those days? For those who truly want a unique retro […]

Swooping Eagle Eyewear For American Eagle Day

Soar Like an Eagle, Eagle Eyes, Eagle Vision tell us how important eagles are to life. For us in the United States eagles symbolize freedom, which is why June 20th we celebrate American Eagle Day. We found from luxury eyewear designer the perfect sunglasses to wear American Eagle Day from Anna Karin Karlsson. A 24Kt gold […]

Bespectacled Belly Dancing Eyewear

Alexander Arutyunov  is one designer that I watch for every season probably because there isn’t many Russians in the eyewear space that I know of. Alexander Arutyunov seems to do about one clothing collection per year and he does show eyewear, although most of the eyewear does not appear on his website. But this did and […]