Kim Kardashian-Barton Perreira- Breedlove Eyewear

AKA Kim Kardashian- Show- Keeping Up with the Kardashians Also Worn by Jennifer Lopez Style Barton Perriera Breed Love Available Neiman Marcos- $525.00 . Bergdorfs and Eye Pieces of Vail

Fashion-eyez- Katherine Heigl

AKA Dr. Izzie Stevens from Greys Anatomy. Shades: Luxottica Ferragamo FE1189 Film: The Ugly Truth

Fashion-Eyez- Kate Walsh

AKA- Dr. Addison Montgomery- Private Practice Shades: Safilo – Dior Madrague Seen: Dior Beauty Luncheon to benefit Operation Smile

Karltz Video Recorder Eyewear

Model Number : Karltz 2 Description: Video Recorder Eyewear/Camcorder Eyewear/Video Camera Sunglass More Information: Prober Mobile Digitronics

WileyX Reveals Battle Proof Lenses

Motorcyclists know that their eyes are the ‘first line of defense’ against hazards, and protecting them at high speeds is critical – with dust, debris, insects and glare just a few of the potential issues riders can encounter. That’s why Wiley X Eyewear has introduced a new eyewear system that combines the company’s battlefield-proven ballistic […]

Fashion-Eyez- Leighton Meester

AKA- Blair Waldorf  from Gossip Girl Shades- Lamy Chloe Tillia CL2180

Fashion-Eyez- Dana Delany

A.K.A.: Katherine Mayfair on Desperate Housewives Shades: Altair Eyewear SO118