Genusee Creating Eyewear From Plastic Bottles

Many of our readers have doubtless heard about Flint, Michigan’s water or lack of clean water problems. Basically what happened in a nutshell, is some politicos that did not know what they were doing, decided to save money by getting Flint, Michigan’s water from another water source, that did not have ‘clean water’ safeguards in […]

BCBGMAZAZRIA Eyewear For 2018

ClearVision Optical introduces the newest eyewear from BCBGMAXAZRIA, Design elements that are prominent throughout this release include color blocking, glitter, and marbleization. Chic neutral colors like black, ivory, and tortoise are used, as well as accents of red, blue, and emerald. Soft, rounded shapes provide a flatting look for female faces. Ashlyn: Ashlyn is a metal […]

Modern Optical’s Elegant Eyewear For 2018

Modern Optical’s style Countess is a perfect look for the women who seeks to add just a hint of glamour to her eyewear look. The top bar features an etched feminine design with small embedded crystals. The shape is an uplifting metal and acetate temples. Via Modern Optical International 

Quirky QBSEE Eyewear Wins Design Award

For those who want an award winning eyewear look, check out QBSEE. This Italian eyewear design is both eye catching and and unusual. For both men and women and available in sunglasses and eyewear, the shape is a scrawly doodle look that is a standout. The eyeglasses are not designed by a human hand. Instead, […]

Neubau Eyewear For Men

Neubau Eyewear is really giving men something to wear about. Subtle colors, classic shapes and a touch of trend, make this new eyewear company compelling. The eyewear is named after real people that work for Neubau, they give back, and above all else they are lightweight, comfortable and great quality .  

Coco Song Eyewear: The Appeal of The Far East

Classic inspirations and modern reinterpretations come together in the new collection from Coco Song, the high-end women’s line from Area98. The cultural influence of mysterious, faraway countries resurfaces in the eyewear,  brimming with magical sophistication, made entirely by hand using the finest, exclusive materials – such as silk, feathers and dried flowers – which have […]

Kickstarting Monday: Bio-based, Biodegradable and Compostable Eyewear

A few years ago we wrote about a new design studio called Crafting Plastics, which was creating biodegradable Eyewear from plastic. Well they have decided to go with the flow and launched a Kickstarter Campaign in which they attained their goal in only 2 days. Their ultimate goal is to reduce our addiction to oil […]