Aspire Titanium Eyewear For Women

Aspire Titanium weighs on 13 grams and is perfect for those seeking lightweight yet fashionable eyewear. Each style features a patent-pending hidden rim lock mechanism that is easy to use and is invisible to the naked eye. “Aspire Eyewear is revolutionizing the eyewear industry once again with its newest collection of titanium frames,” says Maria […]

25 Blood Curdling Bat Shades For Halloween

This year we decided to do countdown of Spook-tac-ular Shades for Halloween or Day of The Dead. The challenge is on to Seek New Scary Shades for one of the biggest holidays in the world. Today we are starting out with Bats. Bats are notorious spooky creatures that surround caves, witches and warlocks. 1.) From […]

Aspiring Men Want To Know What To Eyewear

Aspire Eyewear continues to transcend the ordinary with its newest sub-collection: Aspire Titanium. Using titanium for the first time within the Aspire brand, this release provides men with the strong and lightweight titanium material. Brave: This on-trend modified round frame features a unique keyhole bridge design and slim stainless steel temples. Available in tortoise and […]

Neubau Eyewear Launches The Wire Collection

This October, the young Austrian spectacles brand neubau eyewear introduced new eyewear made from stainless steel to their product range. Once again the new models succeed in making a convincing impression through their forward-looking, yet timeless design and their perfect fit. So we’d like you to meet… Sarah – young, urban and feminine, thanks to […]

New Crocs Eyewear For Fall 2017

A&A Optical launches new eyewear from CrocsTM Eyewear which interprets the relaxed and distinctly fun Crocs spirit. The collection uses an assortment of high quality materials such as ultra-lightweight stainless steel, hypo- allergenic silicone rubber and flexible polymer. Block Party. Acetate style for her: CF3086 features color blocked silicone rubber temples. The modified oval frame […]

Playful Plexiglass Eyeglasses From Micromega Ottica

In the early 1980’s I used to sell eyewear for Neostyle in the United States. One of our top selling frames was the Plaza series of plexiglass eyeglasses. Those eyeglass retailed for about $150 dollars, which was a lot of money back in the 80’s. The closest competition that I had was a company called […]

Percy Lau’s Hand Eyewear Are Perfect For Global Handwashing Day

Eyewear and sunwear has many functions: it helps us to see well, it is a fashion statement, it is a preventive medical device (UV protection), it can be used to give back to various causes. One use that is rarely addressed it can bring attention to various health or social issues. That said a very […]