Revo Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro To Fight Global Clean Water Crisis Revo has really ramped up their ecological marketing campaign, and as one is an avid treehugger, I appreciate Revo’s efforts to bring attention to our Global Water Crisis. In January, Revo, performance eyewear manufacturer signed on as a sponsor with many Celebrities to bring attention to the global water crisis by Climbing Mt. […]

Jhane Barnes + Kenmark=Eco Friendly Eyewear

Jhane Barnes fashion designer of men’s fashions, sportwear, furniture, carpets and textiles is working with Kenmark Optical for the production of eco-friendly eyewear. The Redux collection for men features 30% recycled acetate for the temples, some styles have an inlay of recycled wood pulp. Reusing wood into design is an eco-friendly thing to do! The […]

Handmade Wood Eyewear Designed By Matteo Ragni

I am constantly amazed at the artistry of eyewear designers. This gorgeous wooden eyewear is from Matteo Ragni out of Italy. It is a small collection as yet but offers incredible design. Each piece is made from 1 piece of wood. Note- no hinges, no screws, Just wood. If you look at the picture they […]

Lopsided Eyewear- MicroMega Ottica From Italy

Micromega Ottica Eyewear from Venice Italy has what I would consider lopsided, but maybe that is just my personality. Totally unique, handmade to order, eyeglasses from Italy, a perfect reason to go to Venice.

Wood Eyewear by Herrlicht

Furniture designer Andreas Licht launched a wood spectacles collection, Herrlicht,  several years ago that even the hinges are wood. Many eyewear designers who use wood, still use metal parts, not Herr Licht, 100% of his limited edition, handcrafted eyeglasses are made from wood. When you go on the site, be sure to watch the video […]

Eco Friendly Eyeglass Lens Cleaner By Kleerspex

Cleaning your glasses just got more eco-friendly with Kleerspex, environmentally friendly clear lens cleaning solution. Many lens cleaners are made with toxic ammonia or acetone, bad for health and bad for the environment.

Bausch and Lomb Earns Energy Star Rating

Bausch & Lomb’s (B&L) World Headquarters in Rochester, N.Y., has earned the Energy Star rating for energy efficiency from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). Commercial buildings earning an Energy Star rating use an average of 40% less energy than typical buildings and release 35% less carbon into the atmosphere. The USEPA awards Energy Star […]