Eco Friendly Eyewear From Veiga Eyewear

New eyewear company Veiga hails from Australia. We applaud their striving for zero waste by reusing natural materials. There are two elements to Veiga Eyewear: the online eyeglasses and the design-your-own models. Both the eyewear and  sunglasses temples are made from salvaged Australian hardwoods which are acquired from sources such as old bridges, fence posts, […]

Custom Eyewear Made From Shedded Antlers

During the month of December, some deer, Moose and Caribou shed antlers. Elk shed antlers in the spring. If you are walking around and find some antlers or a hunter, is there a way to reuse the antlers. We found a place where such found antlers can be made into eyewear. Eighorn Eyewear will take […]

Christmas Season Will Shine With WooDone Eyewear

Handmade by artisans with South Tyrol wood, WooDone eyewear is produced out of one piece of wood. Over sixty processing steps guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.   For the Christmas season, WooDone frames will be dressed with a […]

Square Is In With Vava Sunglasses

To be round or to be square? You don’t have to answer this with Vava Eyewear‘s new Round Lens in a Square Frame concept. The sunglasses are made with a bio Plastic cellulose acetate  from Mazzucchelli. The lenses are flat glass from Barberini flat lenses, all with oleophobic coating, scratch-resistant lenses, UV protection and antireflection. Via […]

Recycled Denim Sunglasses By Mosevic

For America Recycles Day, we thought we would check in with Mosevic, who is upcycling eyewear from old denim. The WORN collection of Solid Denim sunglasses made entirely out of reclaimed denim fabric making every pair unique. They recycle jeans of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Each pair of sunglasses is built from layers of these […]

Reclaimed Guitars Made Into SunGlasses

For America Recycles Day November 15, 2016, we want to introduce you to Parkman Sunglasses Guitar Sunglasses. Parkman is a wood sunglass company who recently teamed up with Patterson Guitars to reuse the left over wood from their guitar building to create sunglasses. Re-using the mahogany from the guitar bodies/necks and the rosewood from the fingerboards makes […]

Endless Eyewear Wood Sunglasses With Side Shields

Portugal based wood sunglass company Endless Eyewear has devoted their wood sunglasses to the concept of Endless. Endless Summer, Endless Denim, Endless Sunsets, Endless Travel. The wood sunglasses come in a traditional shape and all have side shields made from various fabrics. Side Shield made with Python skin Side Shield made with Denim Endless Eyewera […]