Take It Apart Eyewear Design By James Poole

James Poole from Ipswich, UK, has created a new concept in Eyewear. Flat front, temples that come apart and pack flat, available in any color you could possibly want. Lenses are in one piece, certainly a look within itself but can see potential possibilities.

Leigh Consentino Futuristic Sunglasses

The latest in futuristic Sunglasses is Leigh Consentino Eyewear looking like a sunwear shields. The one piece lens does not lead to prescription eyewear, but certainly offers an architectural design element.

Multiple Personality Eyewear

From an older post in Yanko Design, designer Hyo-Jong Kim decided to make 2 pair of glasses in one. Using pivots and hinges, the eyewear swings around so you can have 2 separate color looks. Don’t exactly what it would do for the prescription. Nice concept and idea. More pictures are available on Yanko Design […]

Teka Eyewear Wins Best New Product

The International Vision Expo West.Teka Eyewear was nominated by attending consumers and press members to receive the Best New Product Award. The Vision Expo West beheld an array of the latest fashion trends in eyewear as well as progressive eye care products. A comprehensive collection of members of the ophthalmic industry was present to review and rate the […]