Leather And Wood Mask

This is impressive, the wood-like mask is really made with leather and some wood thrown in.  This remarkable leather with some wood mask. Definitely a piece of artistic yet wearable work. Flogglewerks 

Distinctive John Hansen Eyewear

John Hansen Eyewear is a unique collection of round lens shapes with anodized aluminum eyewear fronts. There is a bead where the temple meets the frame front. The beads are handmade in Murano, with 24 karat gold. The bridge over the nose and the stem wires are 14 karat gold-filled wire. A bold look, an exclusive […]

Eyewear Design By Jacqueline Lung

Jewelers, Metalsmiths, wood-workers, artists and architects have all had their hand in the design and production of eyewear. Jacqueline Lung, a jeweler created a special run of five limited edition sunglasses called Archytas. The Archytas are ‘named after Archytas of Tarentum, an ancient Greek mathematician commonly cited as the inventor of screws, in reference to the […]

Silhouette Wins Red Dot Award 2016

With the release of Titan Minimal Art Pulse in March 2016, Silhouette aimed to celebrate the success of its iconic glasses with a vibrant update. More than 10 million Titan Minimal Art frames have been sold worldwide since its launch in 1999, proving that this innovative style is at the forefront of rimless eyewear. The […]

Famous Eyewear From Pop Culture

We love this infographic on Famous Eyewear from Pop Culture. It came to us from Sunglass Warehouse. Everyone from Harry Potter to Tina Fey wearing iconic eyewear, because who doesn’t recognize without eyeglasses?

Rolf Spectacles Wins “Good Design Award”

The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world. The word translates to “little mouse” and it’s also the namesake of the “Good Design” award winning frame of reputed wooden eyewear brand ROLF Spectacles, who are passionate about the beauty and design of vintage cars. They consider the technical, aesthetic, and historical aspects […]

4 O’clock Drink Time with Peter Coombs Eyewear Designer

Every true eyewear designer needs some incentive to stimulate creativity or celebrate resourcefulness. Mine is good wine, but hey, I am European. In down-under Australia, 4 o’clock is drinks time at the Peter Coombs studio. It is also the inspiration for his eyewear range the 4 O’CLOCK collection. This is the time of day when he […]