Wearing Contact Lenses Increases Risk Of Drooping Upper Eyelids

NEW YORK, June, 2015  A recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the official publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), showed both hard and soft contact lenses contributed to the drooping of the upper eyelids, a medical condition referred to as ptosis. The severity of the drooping eyelids was more evident […]

Medella Health To Take on Smart Contact Lens

A 22 year old college drop out is the latest recipients of a Thiel Foundation award. Harry Gandhi is cofounder and CEO of digital health startup Medella Health. Medella Health is developing smart contacts that are glucose-sensing contact lenses. It is said that Diabetes will be the number 7 cause of death by 2030. The smart contacts will […]

Google Awarded Patent For Iris Scanning Contact Lens

Google just can’t get out of the optical biz. First Glass, which is slated for a relaunch in 2015. Next the collaboration for Smart Glucose Monitoring Contact lens in conjunction with Alcon  The latest is the patent of Contact Lenses the use the iris as a biometric fingerprint. Google wrote: “In one implementation, the contact […]

Anna Sui Colored Contact Lens Coming In April

Mondottica International has announced the launch of its Mondottica Vision platform for its Designer Contact Lens business.  The initial programme features the designer brand ANNA SUI whose colour contact lens collection features feminine, wearable designs for women of all ages. The ANNA SUI collections are available in a range of vibrant colours and unique motifs […]

CooperVision and its Employees Donate $115,000 to Optometry Giving Sight

PLEASANTON, Calif., December, 2014 — CooperVision, Inc. (NYSE: COO) announced that through the creative fundraising efforts of its employees around the globe, $115,000 has been donated to Optometry Giving Sight in support of the 2014 World Sight Day Challenge. The company is an Optometry Giving Sight Global Gold Sponsor. Employees at more than 25 locations […]

Eyes Of The Future Using 3D Printed Contact Lens

3D printed anything is definitely a global trend. In the optical industry, 3D printed eyeglasses are already being made, the first 3D printed lenses are being developed and not 3D printed contact lenses. Princeton’s LED 3D printer has taken the next step beyond printing quantum dot LEDs: it has managed to integrate them with a […]

3D Contact Lens Coming Soon?

Here’s a hypothetical question: Would you rather have a head-up display on glasses or a contact lens? If you answered “contact lens”, the bad news is that you may be waiting some time. But the good news is that it just got a little more feasible, with the invention of the world’s first 3D printer […]