Cliris Cleans And Scents Eyeglasses in 4 Minutes

Smudged glasses and sunglasses are a fact of life for everyone. I personally carry around a cadre of lens cleaners and microfiber clothes just to keep my glasses clean. For those who really like sparkly clean eyeglasses, newcomer Cliris is crowd-sourcing on Kickstarter,  their new Eco Friendly eyeglass cleaner and disinfected. I can see this […]

Kickstarting Monday: Nerdwax Keeps Your Eyeglasses From Slipping Down

If glasses don’t fit right, or need adjustment or maybe you just sweat a lot, this might be the right thing for you. On Kickstarter,  Nerdwax has way over-exceeded their funding for a beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic ingredients formulated to keep your glasses in place. This obviously must be a big […]

Nanofilm Anti-bacterial Eyewear Cleaner Kills Germs Up To Five Days

Valley View, OH – Nanofilm, a maker of specialty optical coatings and cleaners, announces the development of a unique nanotechnology-based liquid treatment for eyewear that cleans the surface, kills bacteria on contact, and retains the bactericidal property for up to five days after a single application.  The simple spray-and-wipe formula is effective on all components […]

Kickstarting Monday: Locate Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Via Smartphones

Unfortunately Glasses TrackR did not make their goal in Indiegogo. I think about the millions of eyeglasses that have been lost or misplaced. This could be useful for the elderly, for kids, it’s pretty cool. Great for going to beach, late nite parties, I can see this. Here is what they say: Glasses TrackR is […]

Phonetic Eyewear Made To Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Introducing Phonetic Eyewear, a new line of readymade computer eyewear designed to reduce the effects of Digital Eye Strain (DES) while remaining a fashionable accessory. Initially, Phonetic Eyewear will sell only to customers online at, but plans are underway to sell through a number of larger retailers. The symptoms of DES include eye irritation, […]

February Is National Wedding Month

Who would have thought that there was a National Wedding Month. We ran across some very innovative wedding eyeglass designs that would be perfect for the bride and groom. Bridal Eyewear  

Kickstarting Monday: Lenz Frenz Protects Kids Eyewear

Local Austin, Texas company Lens Frenz is on Kickstarter with a unique concept to protect kids eyewear. A combination of plush toy and a hard shell eyeglass case, this is sure to be a winner. The story begins with Molly’s child Liam who was stabbed in the eye from a schoolyard bully and from that evolved […]