Parachic’s Goggles Are Space Age And Fun

Fun, Fun, these stylish and tres chic clear goggles have probably hundreds of uses, besides just the fashion aspect. For women, to wear over their eye make up in a rainy day, fashion look on bicycles or vespas, protecting eyes when dicing up onions. For Men, I can see these as a sport accessory to […]

Teaming Up Eyewear with TempleSox

There is much speculation on the origin of eyeglasses in history.  The first pair could have been created in India or Italy, Marco Polo reportedly saw them in China in the year 1275, and Emperor Nero of Rome had even used an emerald to better view the Gladiator games in first century AD.  In the […]

Lovable Lenz Frenz Keep Eyeglasses Safe For Kids

When I first saw the Lenz Frenz, I wanted one for myself and I am a old adult!  These plush stuffed animals are in reality eyeglass holders. Made for kids, the Lenz Frenz was made to be a companion for kids with glasses. They come in several sizes for Eyeglasses and a smaller version for […]

Theo Hypnotic Eyewear Jewelry

Belgium, eyewear designer Theo is known for their quirky and fun designs. Their first entry into jewelry is called the Hypnotic Series, making an optical illusion into a piece of wearable art. I can see this as a bow tie or a scarf pin or even on a hat. Theo did a pretty good job […]

Fashionable, Feminine Monocles For Women

Nearsights, monocle retailer has introduced a new line geared specifically toward women with its smallest monocle.  With 83% of women’s heights falling under 5’6”, the smaller sized monocle provides a prime optical outlet in eyewear fashion. The new diameter makes Nearsights the only monocle company to provide consumers with a full range line: 34mm (small), […]

Nearsight Monocles Launches Rugged Monocle For Extreme Conditions

RALEIGH, NC – Nearsights has introduced its new Ruggedized Tactical Monocle (RTM). The RTM solves concerns of breaking fragile prescription glasses or searching for bulky readers in the most intense outdoor activities. Shaped like a dog tag or circle, the RTM hangs around the neck for quick and easy access. Its rugged durable material makes […]

I Heart Spexy Readers

There’s nothing like a touch of glam to spruce up your everyday readers.  The bling on these Blingo readers from takes these black frames to new levels excitement.  There is also a beautiful fuchsia tone on the inner portion of the frames to further catch one’s eye. The name Frost says it all with […]