Spooky Spidey Eyewear From Japan

I love the creative Japanese. Why do just a mask when a pair of spider eyeglasses will do. These look handmade and custom made. The blog is in Japanese, see translation below from Google Translator. More Information here

Goth or Gaga?

Spiral Blog is in evening. In early April to enter the thing! Today, with thatApril Fools, or lie or truth? ? Whether real or not? ?
Imbued with life and work of overturning stereotypes surprise (eyeglasses),please visit!
The freedom to completely handmade, sios produce innovative glasses looklike no other (SIOS) blockbuster!
The glasses! Your order is a wonderful work of Kudasaru by Scios andloved!
While, We will be on display at the store, this variant (DAP) in anappearance, broke it Makutsu of many people without a stunned!
Such work was finally brought to life!

And you will be represented in that process into the lens!
It is strange, even the color of the clear lens in the lens, looks like you hit alively and energetic beyond recognition by placing the lens into what 眼鏡Taru, I would say anything to wear a luxury!
This work also comes through with a ferocity even in severely Tata, nowmore fairly decent!
You will obviously be important to get to the owners wants a nice cute!
Like H! As always with, Thank you!
Many years to come and make us work to kill even more people! Slowly(laughs)!

So, today, “I lie or truth?”
Are imbued with life and work of astonishing overturn stereotypes (glasses) has been introduced to?


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