#Rio2016 Eyewear- Gorgeous Gondola Glasses

Our favorite pick for a Olympic patriotic look for Italy are these Gondola EyeGlasses from Ottica Urbani which they call appropriately call Gondola… a fresh eyewear look that depicts the romantic canals of Venice with singing Gondoliers.

I didn’t know this but every part of a gondola has a meaning. Ottica Urbani eulogizes that meaning in their eyewear. The front of the gondola is called “fero da prorà” or “dol fin”,. It is used to balance the weight of the gondolier in the back. The  “S” shape symbolizes the twists in the Canal Grande. The comb (“rebbi”) stand for the six “sestieri” of Venice.

Image: Creative Commons by gnuckx

Image: Creative Commons by gnuckx front of the boat

The tooth that juts out backwards symbolises the island of Giudecca. The curved top signifies the Doge’s cap. The semi-circular break between the curved top and the six teeth is said to represent the Rialto Bridge. Sometimes three friezes can be seen in-between the six prongs, indicating the three main islands of the city: Murano, Burano and Torcello.(Wikipedia)




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