QR Codes On Microfiber Cleaning Clothes By Dynamic Labs

Dynamic Laboratories, Inc. of Ronkonkoma, NY is proud to introduce a new dimension in marketing for the ECP by being the first company to offer custom designed QR codes printed on microfiber cleaning cloths. Mobile marketing is here to stay and custom imprinted QR codes allow eye care professionals to easily access customers in a way that they never could before.

QR codes, more formally known as quick response codes, developed by Denso Wave Incorporated, have spread around the world and have finally gained traction in the US. They are two-dimensional barcodes that offer the ability to store a tremendous amount of information. The information that is stored in these codes is not just static information, but can also be interactive as well. This is key to engaging potential customers because by scanning a well-designed QR code, your potential customer can be directed to call a phone number, to set appointments, to promotions, to social media, to websites, to their front door by map, and many other capabilities are possible. A single QR code can also offer a menu of all of the above.

Dynamic Labs’ Product Manager, James Kelly adds: “We are seeing explosive interest in this area of our product line because it truly helps the ECP develop their business at a fraction of what traditional advertising costs. Eye care professionals are realizing that with the popularity of smartphones that this is a technology that they need to pay attention to. Many are finding that the usage of this technology is not just preferred by the younger generation, but that the older population finds that this is a more convenient way to enter information rather than typing it in.”

More information available at dynamiclabs.net


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