Positive Perfection: Pierre Eyewear

Over the years, we have written about Pierre Eyewear artistic eyeglasses. Horses, Salamanders, Cars, Vespas, Daisies, moustashes and more. I just have to tell you, eyewear designer Pierre Cariven is more than just funky, fun frame designer and it is about time we tell you.

He spent time in the United States and has worked with designers at Nina Ricci, Lacoste and L’Amy, which gives him an impressive background in frame design. We picked The Liz frames by Pierre Eyewear are part of the “Les Extravagantes” collection (which interesting enough, each design has a feminine name). We call this Zany, with a undulating top and temples layered with 8 different color combinations. All are wonderful.



LIZ-BFV03- Red-Green-Black







Liz, wherever you are, I hope you are as adored in the same capacity as each of these quirky, colorful, and fun handmade in France eyeglasses.

Via: Pierre Eyewear 


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