Things that fly in the night, things the whooooo in the night.. Owls and yes we found some spectacular Ostentatious Owl

Ask A Stupid Question Day Eyewear

This would be fun eyeglass to wear on National Ask A Stupid Question Day, which is September 28. The perfect frames are

Style Donovan

Holy Guacamole! September 16 is National Guacamole Day and November 14 is National Spicy Guacamole Day. Who doesn't love

Never Forget 911: New York Eyewear

In honor of New Yorkers and 911, we bring NYC Eyewear from I Still Love You NY, a made in the USA funky sun and eyewear

Yazbukey’s Fire Sunglasses

I imagine this is what your eyes would feel like if you looked at the Solar Eclipse without special glasses. The Fire Su

Black Moon: Statement Shades For Solar Eclipses

Today is the day of the Super Solar Eclipse. Now I am going to say this, I did not get a pair of Eclipse Glasses because

Taking Off In Irresistor Aero Sunwear

If you are ho-humming about whether or not you should give in and get a pair of Aviator sunglasses.... buckle your seat

Timble lo

Whoooo Whooo look at these fun sunglasses to celebrate National Owl Appreciation Day August 4! Giant wings are spread ov

Samantha Sutton

Safilo Group and The New School’s Parsons School of Design celebrated their Safilo x Parsons Design Thesis Competition


National Junk Food Day is July 21st and why we celebrate this day in the USA when obesity in the United States is unfort

Fun Froot Loop Frames

Even Cereal- Eating Toucans like sunglasses as seen by the Kelloggs Whatever Froots Your Loops campaign. Yes that is rig

Fantasical, Fun, Framed Sunglasses

We constantly seek to find fun colorful, wild, whimsical, unusual, funky, eyewear and sunwear. Now we have Framed Sungla

Swooping Eagle Eyewear For American Eagle Day

Soar Like an Eagle, Eagle Eyes, Eagle Vision tell us how important eagles are to life. For us in the United States eagle

Bespectacled Belly Dancing Eyewear

Alexander Arutyunov  is one designer that I watch for every season probably because there isn't many Russians in the e

Holy Tacomole! What to Eyewear For Cinco De Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a funny story, as it really is NOT Mexico's Day of Independence which is September 16. As someone who s

Yazbukey x Linda Farrow telephone-Sunglass

National Telephone Day is April 25, we have pulled together that old fashioned telephone look to help you remember the d

Fanciful Floral Frames From AV Robertson

Linda Farrow's eyewear designs can go from crazy to classic from wild to whimsical. In the new spectacular sunglasses fo

Sneaking Duck

March 30th was National Pencil Day. Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a penci

Immagine 2325

Eye did not know this but Mattel launched in the 1980's (1987)  a series of interchangeable sunglasses called Hot Looks

Eyelash Eyeglasses By Caroline Abram

We missed this for National Eyelash Day and we love it. From Caroline Abram a Parisian Eyewear Designer, comes her versi

Buoyant Burkinabae Shades

New York and Los Angeles seem to be THE places for artistic eyewear. Los Angeles based Burkinabae is one of those funky,

Optical Vision Resources

neubau eyewear x Hien Le: The story continues……

Berlin, July 2017. The success story continues: As part of his S/S 2018 show at Berlin Fashion Week, locally based fashion designer Hien Le once again sent his models down the runway wearing glasses by Austrian label neubau eyewear. In this new installment of a collaboration started back in January 2017, however, there were no […]

Silhouette’s Inspire Rimless Eyewear Collection…

Inspired by a fresh perspective – Silhouette embarks on an evocative journey through exciting color worlds with the new rimless Inspire collection, brought to you by the Linz-based eyewear manufacturer Silhouette. The joyful mixture of tones gives the models a particular vivacity, with additional dynamism created through the combination of metal and SPX plastic. They […]

National Junk Food Day is July 21st…

National Junk Food Day is July 21st and why we celebrate this day in the USA when obesity in the United States is unfortunately a growing and alarming trend I do not know. But you can get your junk- on by either wearing clothing or eyewear to celebrate this day. Junk food was not evident […]

Fun Froot Loop Frames…

Even Cereal- Eating Toucans like sunglasses as seen by the Kelloggs Whatever Froots Your Loops campaign. Yes that is right, Froot Loops collaborated with Neff for a Froot Loops Toucan Sam Shades. There is a custom Froot Loop Cereal storage box that one can stores the series of interchangeable fronts and temples. Don’t worry, the campaign […]

Fantasical, Fun, Framed Sunglasses…

We constantly seek to find fun colorful, wild, whimsical, unusual, funky, eyewear and sunwear. Now we have Framed Sunglasses and who could not love them! In fact I want one of each! Framed was created for those who are tired of wearing black and brown or shades of black and brown. Framed Eyewear  

Xavier Garcia’s Colorful Collaged Eyewear…

We love it when one gets a fabulous choice of colors in an eyewear style. You can find just that with the new Xavier Garcia of Barcelona eyewear collection called Collage. The eyeworks convey the character of Barcelona, which permeates all of the collections by Xavier García. Like Barcelona, with its mix of cultures, origins, […]

Jins! Frontswitch Eyewear Review…

We frequently write about eyewear companies that utilize try on technology. It is one thing to write about it and another to actually experience the whole try-on technology and see what you get. One eyewear company that we have long admired, Jins! contacted us and asked us to sample their new ‘Frontswitch’ collection of eyeglasses […]

Sasura’s Customized Eyewear…

One eyewear company that made their Kickstarter goal is Sasura. This is great concept for eyewear customization. Sasura is pairing eyewear and sunglasses with jewelry in a two step process. Step One: pick your glasses or sunglasses Step 2L pick your jewel or charm. A hard decision, as their are 21 charms or bead to […]

The Little Black EyeGlass From Ellen Tracy…

We women most likely have the same classic little black dress. That is the dress we have had for years, can pull out, dress it up or dress it down. My basic little black dress could be the ‘traveling’ dress, as it has been loaned out, been all over the world and attended many events. […]

G- Sevenstars Shades Inspired By Angels…

For sure the grass will always be greener if you wear the Raphael by G Seven Stars with the green lenses. Raphael is inspired by Archangel Raguel. The look includes winged lenses, an arched front as in pearly gates, flash mirror lenses and shades of blue skies and green grass. Via G Seven Stars

Fresh & Fun Ice Cream Eyewear from Plan “B” Eyewear…

Plan “B” Eyewear has added two new acetate models to its Ice Cream collection, the IC9087 and IC9088. These sweet and spirited new designs both feature a variation of a perfect and flattering cat eye shape. This hint of retro is balanced by exquisite, high-quality acetate. These new models feature a beautiful, marbled blend of […]

Exquisitely Eyevan Eyewear…

Way back in 1972 a Japanese company called EyeVan introduced the concept of “glasses to wear” and was global by 1985. Like many companies, a new design team took over EYEVAN, renamed it to EYEVAN7285 and it has become hot again. They use items such as old glasses, telescopes, hand mirrors, other old tools collected by the […]

Back To School With Match Eyewear…

WESTBURY, NY, –  Let’s face it, kids start developing their own personal style at an early age.  Who are their influencers? None other than good old Mom and Dad, so it’s no wonder that they want to be parental mini me’s.  Float Kids eyewear combines grown up designs with fresh and fun styling to create distinctive […]

Dual Functionality: Reader Bracelet by Wrist Readers…

Quite awhile ago, a company called Wrist-Readers made their debut and fundraising goal on Kickstarter. Many of these companies have come and gone, but not Wrist Readers a true Fashion Accessory that goes from bracelet to readers. Interesting concept and one that would be very handy  especially for summer travel. It is dual functional, jewelry and a […]

What To Wear With Leon Max Eyewear…

Noted designer Leon Max’s eyewear collection is the perfect accessory for Summer 2017. Fresh and breezy, the latest styles reflect his vision of what to eyewear. In particular we love the Leon Max style 4043 which comes in  Black (021), Garnet (167) and Navy (300). Paired with a summery- floating look from Leon Max, it makes […]