Bespectacled Belly Dancing Eyewear

Alexander Arutyunov  is one designer that I watch for every season probably because there isn't many Russians in the e

Holy Tacomole! What to Eyewear For Cinco De Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a funny story, as it really is NOT Mexico's Day of Independence which is September 16. As someone who s

Yazbukey x Linda Farrow telephone-Sunglass

National Telephone Day is April 25, we have pulled together that old fashioned telephone look to help you remember the d

Fanciful Floral Frames From AV Robertson

Linda Farrow's eyewear designs can go from crazy to classic from wild to whimsical. In the new spectacular sunglasses fo

Sneaking Duck

March 30th was National Pencil Day. Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a penci

Immagine 2325

Eye did not know this but Mattel launched in the 1980's (1987)  a series of interchangeable sunglasses called Hot Looks

Eyelash Eyeglasses By Caroline Abram

We missed this for National Eyelash Day and we love it. From Caroline Abram a Parisian Eyewear Designer, comes her versi

Buoyant Burkinabae Shades

New York and Los Angeles seem to be THE places for artistic eyewear. Los Angeles based Burkinabae is one of those funky,

Anglo American Swan circa 1980

 SWAN Day/Support Women Artists Now Day is an international holiday designed to showcase the power and diversity of wo

Eyewear Heritage Design Winners Announced

Launched in April 2016, the first-ever tutoring project for the eyewear world – by Safilo in association with L’Uomo

Anna Karin Karlsson’s Tribute To Butterflies

Did you know that Butterflies are a representation of life? Some cultures associate butterflies with our souls, some as

Watch Out! Time Shades For Daylight Saving Time

It is that time again, when we spring forward in the United States. March 12 is the big day to lose that extra hour of s

Bryan Lara Barbie

March 9 is National Barbie Day and we are paying tribute to the the importance of sunwear in the last 10 years of Barbie

Classic Car Inspired Sunglasses We Love

There are many 'Car Branded Eyeglasses': Hummer, Maybach, Mercedes, Porsche, Cadillac, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, 

Unusual Urbani Eyeglasses

Ottica Urbani is an optical shop in Venice, Italy. Established in 1952 they offer full collections of hand-crafted eyewe

Throbbing Heart Sunwear From Black Eyewear

Black Eyewear evolved when Roope Opticians decided to create their own 50's inspired eyewear and sunglasses. Being a ja

Year of The Rooster Eyewear

Of course there has to be eyewear to celebrate the Year of The Rooster. This new exclusive sunglass by MCM, has a remova

Say Woof: Matching Eyewear for Humans And Dogs

January 14 is National Dress Your Pet Day and the SAY Woof Eyewear collection from Say OH Eyewear thought it might be a

Gentle Monster x Hood By Air Sunwear Spring Summer 2017

Gentle Monster and Hood by Air Spring Summer 2017 sunglasses are a perfect blend of funk and street. The 'Round' Rockerf

Eyewear Art Design By Pierre Kaus

We love it when opticians take the frame by temples for a creative outlet. French optician, Pierre Kaus creative renderi

Horse and Carriage delicately etched at each temple. They were crafted exclusively for Coach by a premier Italian eyewear maker using state-of-the-art technology.

In 2004, Congress designated December 13th The National Day of the Horse. The day was designated to pay tribute to the i

Optical Vision Resources

SunDog Eyewear-Golf Glasses…

Golf Life features Sundog Eyewear, a leader in the golf performance sunglass market. Featuring collections from LPGA player Paula Cremer and PGA Tour players Mike Wier and Hunter Mahan, Sundog creates dynamic styles with lens technology focused on the golf course. All Sundog lens technology block 100% of Ultra Violet rays, UVA, UVB and UVC. […]

Kim Kardashian-Barton Perreira- Breedlove Eyewear…

AKA Kim Kardashian- Show- Keeping Up with the Kardashians Also Worn by Jennifer Lopez Style Barton Perriera Breed Love Available Neiman Marcos- $525.00 . Bergdorfs and Eye Pieces of Vail

Fashion-eyez- Katherine Heigl…

AKA Dr. Izzie Stevens from Greys Anatomy. Shades: Luxottica Ferragamo FE1189 Film: The Ugly Truth

Fashion-Eyez- Kate Walsh…

AKA- Dr. Addison Montgomery- Private Practice Shades: Safilo – Dior Madrague Seen: Dior Beauty Luncheon to benefit Operation Smile

Karltz Video Recorder Eyewear…

Model Number : Karltz 2 Description: Video Recorder Eyewear/Camcorder Eyewear/Video Camera Sunglass More Information: Prober Mobile Digitronics

WileyX Reveals Battle Proof Lenses…

Motorcyclists know that their eyes are the ‘first line of defense’ against hazards, and protecting them at high speeds is critical – with dust, debris, insects and glare just a few of the potential issues riders can encounter. That’s why Wiley X Eyewear has introduced a new eyewear system that combines the company’s battlefield-proven ballistic […]

Cameron Diaz Admits To Wearing Colored Contact Lens…

Cameron Diaz has admitted she wears coloured contact lenses in public to help hide her identity. The film actress confessed to taking some of the costumes she has worn for various roles in order to disguise herself when she goes out in public, according to the Sun. She said she especially likes dressing up as […]

Fashion-Eyez- Leighton Meester…

AKA- Blair Waldorf  from Gossip Girl Shades- Lamy Chloe Tillia CL2180

Fashion-Eyez- Dana Delany…

A.K.A.: Katherine Mayfair on Desperate Housewives Shades: Altair Eyewear SO118

Things Your Need to Know About Allergic Conjunctivitis…

What is allergic conjunctivitis ? A clear, thin membrane called the conjunctiva covers your eyeball and the inside of your eyelids. If something irritates this covering, your eyes may become red and swollen. Your eyes also may itch, hurt or water. This is called conjunctivitis. It is also known as “pink eye. Read More….

Importance of Soft Contact Lens Cleaner…

There are a few different steps that you are really going to have to get used to if you want to wear contact lenses. These are very simple steps to follow, but the problem is that there are so many people who do wear contact lenses but who just skip these steps and think that […]

Wearing Eyewear With Flair…

Optylux, distributors of  the Flair, Ete and Triton collections has released new custom and innovative styles for discriminating patients! Flair Eyewear is distributed by Optylux Group.

Blindness in Filipinos Can Be Avoided…

MANILA, Philippines—At least four million Filipinos, mostly the elderly and the poor, suffer from visual impairment which could have been prevented or remedied had they had access to eye care. They include at least half a million Filipinos who are blind in both eyes, mostly due to cataracts which are treatable. In observance of National […]

Optical Laboratories-Lens Coating Facilities…

The following list of labs specialize in optical lab coatings: Hard Coats, Scratch-Resistant Coatings, Anti-Reflective, Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, Mirror  and Flash Mirror Coating, and Tints including sunglasses . Many of the below listed labs offer full prescription optical and surfacing services. Many of the optical surfacing labs have coating equipment on site as well. A American […]

Telecommunication Eyewear by EnergyTele…

August 10, 2009 (FinancialWire) — Energy Telecom, Inc. (OTC: ENRG) ( has begun production of its telecommunication eyewear product, by entering into a binding production contract with Samsin USA, a wholly owned division of Samsin Innotec. “After successful development of the telecommunication eyewear product by Samsin, and several iterations of prototypes, we believed it was […]