Out Of This World Galactic Eyewear

By now you have probably realized that we 'shoot for the moon' by introducing out of this world eyewear designs and comp

Adorable Avocado Sunglasses

We absolutely love these adorable Avocado sunglasses. This limited edition only 5 pieces made,  sunnies were made with

Stampeding Shades For National Bison Day

Nothing says America more than the American Buffalo or Bison. They played an important role in the history of the United

Cat-Eye One piece Lens

Cat Lovers can rejoice and take their cat to work with these adorable cat frames! This Paw-ty wear is purr-fect or Natio

9 Lives in Blue Marble

One of our go-to cat-eyed looks is Reve by Bene whose first eyewear collection composed of classic looks with detachable

Nine Monstrous Mouthy Shades For Halloween

Mouths can be creepy if they blood dripping, slimy, broken, fangs, we pulled together a selection of the most munster-li

Atypical Apple Eyeglasses

National Apple Day is October 21 and Eat a Red Apple Day is December 1. But OH! What to Eyewear? Markus Lupfer has a Gol

Ten Screamworthy Slime Shades For Halloween

Dripping Blood, oozing sores, creepy seeping eyes.. def are the look for Halloween Shades. We found Slime or Bloody Shad

1960's Bat Frames at Wilke Optik

This year we decided to do countdown of Spook-tac-ular Shades for Halloween or Day of The Dead. The challenge is on to S

Creepy Claw Sunglasses

Our countdown begins for the most Horrific Halloween Shades. Here is a look from luxury designer Anna Karin Karlsson cal

What To Eyewear For World Dragon Day

World Dragon Day is October 7- this is a Global Holiday with a whole event calendar and Facebook Page. According to The


Normally I love eyewear and sunglasses that send a message. House of Holland's messages are funny and a tongue in cheek


Things that fly in the night, things the whooooo in the night.. Owls and yes we found some spectacular Ostentatious Owl

Ask A Stupid Question Day Eyewear

This would be fun eyeglass to wear on National Ask A Stupid Question Day, which is September 28. The perfect frames are

Style Donovan

Holy Guacamole! September 16 is National Guacamole Day and November 14 is National Spicy Guacamole Day. Who doesn't love

Never Forget 911: New York Eyewear

In honor of New Yorkers and 911, we bring NYC Eyewear from I Still Love You NY, a made in the USA funky sun and eyewear

Yazbukey’s Fire Sunglasses

I imagine this is what your eyes would feel like if you looked at the Solar Eclipse without special glasses. The Fire Su

Black Moon: Statement Shades For Solar Eclipses

Today is the day of the Super Solar Eclipse. Now I am going to say this, I did not get a pair of Eclipse Glasses because

Taking Off In Irresistor Aero Sunwear

If you are ho-humming about whether or not you should give in and get a pair of Aviator sunglasses.... buckle your seat

Timble lo

Whoooo Whooo look at these fun sunglasses to celebrate National Owl Appreciation Day August 4! Giant wings are spread ov

Samantha Sutton

Safilo Group and The New School’s Parsons School of Design celebrated their Safilo x Parsons Design Thesis Competition

Optical Vision Resources

Make You Wink Glasses…

After staring at computer screens all day and for serious gamers, it is important to remember to wink to keep your eyes moist. These USB powered Wink glasses have a inbedded sensor which fogs up the lenses if you have not blinked for 5 seconds. The Eyewear is not available as yet.

Photochromic Contact Lenses Created in Singaport…

SINGAPORE, Nov.3 (Xinhua) –‘ Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) has created the “photochromic” contact lens that darkens under sunlight, local media reported on Tuesday. According to local TV broadcaster Channel NewsAsia, the contact lens might look like any other ordinary lens but are able to change colour to protect eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation […]

Steve McQueen Persol Sunglasses Remade and Updated…

Eyegoodies has created a limited edition Persol Sunglass similiar to the pair Steve McQueen wore in the original move The Thomas Crown Affair. Cost is $389, which is a steal compared to a similar pair from Steve McQueen collection that went for $70,000 in 2006.

About Retinoblastoma…

Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer that develops in the retina — the lining of the eye that senses light as it comes through the front of the eye. Though it is a rare form of cancer, it is the most common form of ocular cancer (cancer affecting the eye) in children, and according to […]

Spy Optics Surf Video…

NSSA Open season #2 part 2 w/ SPY Surf Team.

Obesity and Blindness…

THOUSANDS of overweight people across the York area are unaware that their obesity puts them at risk of going blind, an Acomb optometrist has warned. Ruth Perrott said carrying excess weight caused pulmonary problems, which could lead to irrevocable damage to the delicate blood vessels in the eye. “A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 […]

Luxuriator Diamond and 18K Glasses…

The Luxuriator Collection of Eyewear and Sunglasses was created by Franco in Los Angeles, CA. The jewel encrusted collection  set with pave diamonds and technologically advanced lenses. The above Canary Diamond Sunglass retails for around $65,000.

Lipoic Acid Are Effective Antioxidants…

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a highly effective, biologically available, and well-researched antioxidant more potent than vitamins C and E. It is found in both the fat and water soluble portions of human cells. It is the only antioxidant easily transported across cell membranes, enabling it to provide free radical protection both inside and outside […]

Prevent Blindness Releases Report on Health Collaboration…

PREVENT BLINDNESS AMERICA RELEASES REPORT DETAILING ACTIVITIES OF KEY PUBLIC HEALTH COLLABORATION CHICAGO (Oct. 26, 2009) –Prevent Blindness America, the nation’s oldest volunteer eye health and safety organization, recently released a summary report of a five-year cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  This report, entitled Prevent Blindness America:  Working to […]

Eco Collection By Modo Recieves ECV Validation Label…

New York,– ECO, the first line of affordable luxury eyewear to bring environmental responsibility to the forefront,  announces today that the collection has become the first-ever consumer brand and eyewear collection to receive an Environmental Claims Validation™ (ECV) from UL Environment (ULE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in product evaluation. […]

Natori by Zyloware For Modern Women Only…

The vision of Natori Eyewear is not only how a woman sees, but how she is seen. Eyewear that reflects both is rare. Eyewear that does so with the signature style of Natori is utterly unique. In Natori Eyewear, the insights of art have met life again. THE COLLECTION where three Visions converge ICONIC As […]

FYSH Nation- Urban Cool Eyewear Contest To Win $5000…

Make your own film and Enter the FYSH Nation contest for a chance to win $5000

Shamir Wins CEBA Award for 2nd Year in A Row…

Shamir’s “Keeping Your Attention” Campaign Wins Second Creative Advertising Award San Diego, CA – October 27, 2009 –On October 12th, American Business Media announced the winners of the 14th Annual CEBA (Creative Excellence in Business Advertising) Awards. The CEBA Awards recognize top business-to-business advertising campaigns from 2008 and 2009. From hundreds of entries, 39 finalists […]

Bionic Contact Lens-Future Technology…

Is bionic vision in your future? It might be if engineers can perfect a contact lens filed with electronics. As this ScienCentral News report explains, engineers have demonstrated how to put electronics inside a contact lens.

Gold and Wood Releases $55,000 Diamond Eyeglasses…

Gold and Wood Luxury Eyewear Style Prestige, with Horn temples, 253 brilliant cut diamonds, 22 princess cut.