Bows And Lace Sunwear by Arty and Fern

As the holidays approach,  we want to showcase the perfect holiday wrapped up in a bow sunglasses. Actually these are n

Out Of This World Galactic Eyewear

By now you have probably realized that we 'shoot for the moon' by introducing out of this world eyewear designs and comp

Adorable Avocado Sunglasses

We absolutely love these adorable Avocado sunglasses. This limited edition only 5 pieces made,  sunnies were made with

Stampeding Shades For National Bison Day

Nothing says America more than the American Buffalo or Bison. They played an important role in the history of the United

Cat-Eye One piece Lens

Cat Lovers can rejoice and take their cat to work with these adorable cat frames! This Paw-ty wear is purr-fect or Natio

9 Lives in Blue Marble

One of our go-to cat-eyed looks is Reve by Bene whose first eyewear collection composed of classic looks with detachable

Nine Monstrous Mouthy Shades For Halloween

Mouths can be creepy if they blood dripping, slimy, broken, fangs, we pulled together a selection of the most munster-li

Atypical Apple Eyeglasses

National Apple Day is October 21 and Eat a Red Apple Day is December 1. But OH! What to Eyewear? Markus Lupfer has a Gol

Ten Screamworthy Slime Shades For Halloween

Dripping Blood, oozing sores, creepy seeping eyes.. def are the look for Halloween Shades. We found Slime or Bloody Shad

1960's Bat Frames at Wilke Optik

This year we decided to do countdown of Spook-tac-ular Shades for Halloween or Day of The Dead. The challenge is on to S

Creepy Claw Sunglasses

Our countdown begins for the most Horrific Halloween Shades. Here is a look from luxury designer Anna Karin Karlsson cal

What To Eyewear For World Dragon Day

World Dragon Day is October 7- this is a Global Holiday with a whole event calendar and Facebook Page. According to The


Normally I love eyewear and sunglasses that send a message. House of Holland's messages are funny and a tongue in cheek


Things that fly in the night, things the whooooo in the night.. Owls and yes we found some spectacular Ostentatious Owl

Ask A Stupid Question Day Eyewear

This would be fun eyeglass to wear on National Ask A Stupid Question Day, which is September 28. The perfect frames are

Style Donovan

Holy Guacamole! September 16 is National Guacamole Day and November 14 is National Spicy Guacamole Day. Who doesn't love

Never Forget 911: New York Eyewear

In honor of New Yorkers and 911, we bring NYC Eyewear from I Still Love You NY, a made in the USA funky sun and eyewear

Yazbukey’s Fire Sunglasses

I imagine this is what your eyes would feel like if you looked at the Solar Eclipse without special glasses. The Fire Su

Black Moon: Statement Shades For Solar Eclipses

Today is the day of the Super Solar Eclipse. Now I am going to say this, I did not get a pair of Eclipse Glasses because

Taking Off In Irresistor Aero Sunwear

If you are ho-humming about whether or not you should give in and get a pair of Aviator sunglasses.... buckle your seat

Timble lo

Whoooo Whooo look at these fun sunglasses to celebrate National Owl Appreciation Day August 4! Giant wings are spread ov

Optical Vision Resources

Adorable Avocado Sunglasses…

We absolutely love these adorable Avocado sunglasses. This limited edition only 5 pieces made,  sunnies were made with sustainable wood. Custom made by hand in Andalusia by Malaga artist Pedrita Parker. The lenses are Carl Zeiss Vision.   By the way All About ‘National Avocado Day’ is the 31st Of July. September 16 is National Guacamole […]

Retro And Funky Ski Shades…

Until I saw these, I thought the whole funky, DIY shades was a relatively new look in eyewear. Apparently not as these Ski Shades go by the date of 1988. Labeled “The Original UnexSpecTed” glasses. At the time that theses were made there was no Internet, no Etsy, no Amazon, so I am really surprised […]

Kickstarting Monday: Shred Sunglasses…

One of our favorite give back sport sunglass companies Shred Optics just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to produce new styles with impact resistance lenses, which they call Contrast Boosting Lens (CBL) technology. The Shred Boost sunglasses will combine the lenses and lightweight frames for active lift stylers.  

Barberini Sunwear For Christmas…

Christmas 2017 twinkles with the golden sparkles of Platinum GlassTM. Barberini, the leading company in the production of optical glass lenses, knows how to sublimate vision, through lenses which combine the best vision and protection with a sophisticated and precious look. This Christmas Barberini Eyewear will offer lenses framed in precious materials. There couldn’t be […]

Twinkling Eyewear By Steve Madden…

Just in time for the holidays, the new Steve Madden Twinkle eyeglasses are perfect to wear for anyone during the holiday season. Imbedded with glitter the soft cat-eye is color blocked with alternative colors. Via Clearvision Optical

The San Diego Shades From Prism London…

We had to do a post on these San Diego sunglasses, because we are from San Diego. You have to love or as they say in the UK, luv, an English eyewear company who names a style San Diego. Uni-sex in design, these over-sized stainless steel sunglasses are all the rage now. Metal is coming […]

Dom Vetro Eyewear: Made In Los Angeles, California…

As we approach ‘America Matters Day‘ we want to bring your attention to a newly discovered made in USA eyewear company Dom Vetro. Designer Ashley Bezamet went to Italy to learn the art of handmade eyewear and brought his skills back to Los Angeles, California in 2016 to create his own eyewear. The earlier eyewear […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Winged Eyewear…

As we all know styles come and go and comeback again. These winged sunglasses from Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow were from his 2011 collection set off many looks and imitations which went viral. Where did he get his inspiration? We do not know, but it could have been from these vintage winged sunglasses. Don’t […]

Rise Of Diabetes Is Leading to Innovations in Diabetic Care…

Rise of Diabetes Epidemic Leads to Innovations in Diabetic Patient Care Nationwide KINGWOOD, Texas (November, 2017) –  The 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that 30.3 million people are living with diabetes in the United States. Within the U.S. there are 7.2 million people living with […]

Bon Vivant, Bon Ami Eyewear To Love…

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Bon Vivant, Ogi Eyewear’s brand of affordable luxury eyewear inspired by the art and architecture of France, will be releasing a new collection of fashion-forward frames this winter — lead by the Bruno and Isabelle. Presenting progressive European flair, opulent acetate, and cosmopolitan touch, Bon Vivant is known for its fine style. […]

Lighthouse Guild Offers Health Tips to Support Diabetes Awareness Month…

People with vision loss or other disabilities who have diabetes face unique challenges. Actively managing diabetes is key to long-term health. New York — Nov. 2017 —  November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Lighthouse Guild has a number of tips for people with diabetes or who are at risk for it. “If you have diabetes, you […]

New Give Back Sunwear Company: Monarchy Eyewear…

CLEVELAND–Bringing quality, high fashion sunglasses designed and handmade in Italy, Monarchy Eyewear LLC today announced they have launched the retail sunglasses website, A new player in the fashion eyewear market, Monarchy Eyewear has an eclectic collection of women’s and men’s sunglasses in vintage and modern designs. Made with only premium and eco-friendly materials, Monarchy […]

Tekā Eyewear’s Stainless Fashion Eyewear Collection…

New York, NY (October  2017) Tekā Eyewear has become a staple in the eyewear industry by creating lavish and exciting frames using unique materials. The new Tekā Eyewear Stainless Fashion collection continues to channel sleek and elegant designs, incorporating timeless classic shapes and ultra light-weight stainless steel, as well as cable temples. The metals and […]

Jaws! XXL Eyewear For Men…

A&A Optical announces the release of new styles from XXL Eyewear. Premium quality eyewear engineered for the man with special fit needs and endorsed by ESPN’s Ron “Jaws’’ Jaworski, XXL Eyewear features classic, athletic, and uptown styles. All frames have longer temples to match the ample head space in eye sizes 55 to 63. Available […]

Neubau Eyewear Fall 2017 Shapes For Women…

Neubau Eyewear’s named after company employee eyewear for Fall 2017 are part of the new ‘The Wire’ collection. Their design picks up on a vogue for minimalist lines and shapes, and makes a winning impression with delicate stainless steel frames. Women have the choice in a cat-eye or a round shape with an accent on the top […]