Oceanic Eyewear by OKO

Just a glance at the ‘Aqua’ frame and you are immediately transported in the aquatic universe of tropical fishes ! By nature and water inspirations, this frame conveys values of environmental beauties hidden in the depth of oceans and seas. Truly romantic and all in softness, the graphics of the side-pieces, directly inspired by fish fins brings fluidity, lightness and water movement thanks to a subtle design combination of openwork, space and matter which gives the water spirit to it.


This circled frame manufactured in France plays the card of the chemically cut, openwork, curved and hemmed steel to bring more fluidity, more lightness and more movement to the side-pieces provoking metallic lace effects.  Recapturing the codes of the fish fins, the contrast of fragility is enhanced by cutting, curving and  hemming all in fineness – and by the force and the presence of the metallic structure standing. ‘Aqua’ is definitely a frame all in contrast and all in poetry.


Bringing the water universe and the hidden beauties of oceans and seas, all in one frame, make this ‘Aqua’ a 100% designer frame. Truly original with exclusive design.

In order to emphasize the structure and the volume of the frame, the designer has played with openwork spaces and empty matter spaces to give as much depth as possible – as well as duotone color choices inside/out which bring even more life and reality to the fish fin look of the ‘Aqua’.

OKO Eyewear

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