New York Eye Launches New Seventeen Eyewear

July, 2013, AMITYVILLE, NY – New York Eye announces the launch of new frame styles within the Seventeen™ eyewear collection, a range of contemporary designs targeted to teenage girls ages 12 to 19.

New York Eye Seventeen Collection-SV5375M

True to the focus of the Seventeen brand, this collection extension appeals to the teenage female market with fun, playful designs that also employ the proper fit and sophisticated styling that teens desire.

New York Eye Seventeen Collection-SV5372M

Unique details are the focus of this collection extension—each frame has something truly special that catches the eye. Standout elements include beautiful sculpted zyl temples, modern metal inlays and cutouts set into plastic, pretty metal highlights on plastic temples, and carved metal temples accenting contemporary zyl fronts.



“This collection of new Seventeen styles embodies the trusted fashion focus of the brand with trendy yet sophisticated shapes, truly unique details, and an array of youthful colors ranging from purple and coral to rich caramel,” says Arthur Jankolovits, president of New York Eye.

Who is Seventeen Magazine? A magazine for teenage girls, Seventeen reaches over 12 million female readers aged 12 to 19 every month. In addition to the U.S. flagship publication, Seventeen publishes seven magazine editions around the world. Today, this targeted magazine focuses on fashion and romance advice for teens but it was founded with a slightly different direction. First launched in 1944 at the price of 25 cents per issue, Seventeen was the country’s very first magazine for teens and its focus was on promoting self-confidence in young women by inspiring them to become role models in work and citizenship.


Did You Know?

Seventeen Magazine first launched in 1944

• Sylvia Plath submitted 45 pieces to Seventeen before her first short story was published in the August 1950 issue

• In 2012, Seventeen pledged not to Photoshop model photos printed in the magazine

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