Neubau Eyewear Seen On Hein Le’s Catwalk Show

The Austrian eyewear label neubau eyewear celebrated its debut at Berlin Fashion Week as part of renowned Berlin designer Hien Le’s catwalk show.

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Since 2011, Laos-born Hien Le took part in Berlin Fashion Week, showcasing his fall/winter 2017/18 collection at the “Kaufhaus Jandorf”. For 7 out of 30 looks he chose spectacles from the neubau eyewear range as accessories.

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Around 400 invited guests – among them TV presenter Johanna Klum, model Marie Nasemann and actor Jannik Schümann – watched the show and were inspired by the designer’s extraordinary creations. In his fall/winter 2017/18 collection Hien Le is getting back to the roots of skateboarding – the women sporting flowing midi skirts, the men dressed in chinos and button-up shorts. Evoking the elegant sportswear of the Forties and Fifties, the collection harks back to classic cuts and details, with a predominance of wool blends, cotton and silk in a color spectrum of grey, beige and midnight blue with touches of pine green and rosé.

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With their urban fresh appeal those glasses by neubau eyewear are a perfect fit for the designs on show, providing some extra eye candy on the runway. The featured models, some of them yet to be released in April, are Frida, Sam, Dani, Edmund and Sigmund, and were incorporated into the show as perfect additions to the designer’s outfits.

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“For us, working with Hien Le, is a wonderful opportunity to prove our awareness of design and to present our glasses in an exciting, creative environment,” says Daniel Liktor, brand manager at neubau eyewear.

About neubau eyewear:

Launched in 2016, the Austrian label neubau eyewear is a homage to the creativity and the spirit of the millennials generation, connecting an urban way of life and innovative design to long-standing knowhow and experience. The young brand is built on a strong foundation in the history of its parent company, the long established Austrian spectacles manufacturer Silhouette. This way the highest demands in quality and dynamic progress in technology and design come together in one product. Since its launch last June, including the models about to be released in April 2017, neubau eyewear has introduced 24 prescription frames and eight sunglasses models made from lightweight polymer and 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel, a forward-looking combination in terms of durability and comfortable wear. For more information go to

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