Neubau Eyewear Fall 2017 Shapes For Women

Neubau Eyewear’s named after company employee eyewear for Fall 2017 are part of the new ‘The Wire’ collection. Their design picks up on a vogue for minimalist lines and shapes, and makes a winning impression with delicate stainless steel frames. Women have the choice in a cat-eye or a round shape with an accent on the top bar. Set apart by rich matte colors

Lotte in Silky Rose

Lotte in Matte Blackberry

Lotte in Matte Gold

Lotte in Black Ink

Flo in Pacific Blue

Flo in Matte Wood

Floe in Matte Graphite

Flo in Matte Black Ink

neubau eyewear is a descendent of the successful Austrian Silhouette International group, benefitting from decades of know-how in the creation of premium, handcrafted eyewear. In this way, the highest quality, progressive technology and design come together in one product.


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