Mosley Tribes Limited Edition Beaded Native American Sunwear

Mosley Tribes Beaded Lyndel Limited Edition

Just when you thought they couldn’t do another thing with the vintage, retro look in sunwear, Mosley Tribes comes out of the eye-box to give use a taste of Native American culture with their beaded sunglass, the newest addition to the Lyndel Sunglass category.

This would go perfectly with all my southwestern jewelry and concho belts, a fabulous way to give your old jewelry a new accesor-eye-zing look.

The Beaded Lyndel will be in limited editions and sold exclusively at Oliver People Boutiques and select stores.

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  1. Try Mosley Tribes directly on their site, but they were limited edition and might not have any more

  2. matthew smith says:

    i was wondering how much and where i can get a pair of the native beaded sunglasses

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