Mora Eyewear Launches Eyeglasses Made From Marble

Many years ago we did a post on a new concept of eyewear made from marble, Burdi Eyewear. For whatever the reason, the marble eyewear didn’t materialize until now… Mora Eyewear  after years of development has solidified the process and voila.. Mora Eyewear is born and shown at Mido 2016. Morà spectacles were selected to be displayed in the Lab Academy for their absolutely innovative characteristics.

Morà, made of marble and carbon fiber, is the most sophisticated and technological eyewear of our time. Marble, semiprecious stones and titanium in only 32 grams in weight.


In Lapis

In Lapis

Carrera Marble

Carrera Marble



In the field of eyewear, Morà Eyewear stands for highly exclusive products that had never been conceived from a productive point of view so far.



Only the multi-year experience of Officine Polimata group in the field of precision engineering has allowed to apply the numerical control technology to eyewear design for the first time.

Nowadays, in fact, this brand is the only one in the world which is able to get frames with curved and sinuous shapes, carving marble or stone with the creativity typical of a sculptor and the precision typical of a robot.

It takes 18 working days to complete a single pair of Morà frames. The long, meticulous production cycle alternates the use of the most advanced technology and the manual ability of skilled craftsmen.

As many as 193 production steps are required to manufacture a pair of Morà spectacles (35 industrial processing steps and 76 hand-finishing steps).

If “marble skin” recalls an unprecedented charm in the history of eyewear, the skeleton in carbon fiber supporting the whole surface of the frame is the technological heart of Morà products: it is the structural element giving absolute impact and fall resistance, in addition, of course, to an unpredictable lightness.

Each model of Morà frames is thought to be a unique and bespoke object, matching the taste and personality of the individual client: from the choice of marble or semiprecious stone to the finishing inserts (also these, real unique pieces made out of titanium, micro fused with the ancient wax-casting technique).

The pantoscopic angle adjustment allows to mount both prescription and sunglasses’ lenses.

The titanium inserts are available with finishing in gold (yellow,pink, red), palladium and gun. The distribution is expected to start in September 2016.

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