Mood Rings and Mood Contact Lens

Remember Mood Rings- now it’s Mood Contact Lenses. Interesting new technology, these contact lenses change when your mood changes.

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  1. Did they make them yet because I really want them

  2. We do not sell any products, just write about them

  3. Sorry,I meant about one year.

  4. Are these contacts in stock anywhere yet?I mean they DO look amazing and it HAS been about 5-6 years since there has been a comment posted on this page…

  5. AFLYNGPIG27 says:

    I REALLY WANT 2 get Them 4 my birthday

  6. I doubt it, maybe in the future

  7. Do they exist though?

  8. They are only a design concept, so sorry

  9. When can I buy these?
    How Much are they??

    Im desperate to have one.. Please let me know!!

  10. Can’t Wait! When will they be ready for sale?

  11. Not supposed to,

  12. can they damage your eyes

  13. these are cool. where can i buy them? how much are they?

  14. I actully previously thought up this idea in 2002 for a school assignment. we didnt actully have to make the product but i wish i had the ability to create my inventions because i would be living my dream if i did.

  15. It is in development, not in place yet

  16. SamiTsunami says:

    Where can I buy these?

  17. awsome contacts