Marbling at William Morris Eyewear

Marbling, Bespattered, Dappled and Speckled are great descriptive world to described the mottled top bar look of the new William Morris Eyewear for Fall 2017. The marbled top bar is a slight uplift off the frame front giving it an overall cat-eye look, but the lens shape is oval. When the marbling is done on just the top, it accents and uplifts the face of the wearer.

WL 6986 in Black Marble

WL 6986 in Black Red Marble

WL 6986 in Blue Marble

WL 6989 in Beige Marble

WL6989 in Brown Marble

WL6989 in Oreo Marble

WL6989 in Purple Marble

Via Classique Eyewear


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