Lovable Lenz Frenz Keep Eyeglasses Safe For Kids

When I first saw the Lenz Frenz, I wanted one for myself and I am a old adult!  These plush stuffed animals are in reality eyeglass holders. Made for kids, the Lenz Frenz was made to be a companion for kids with glasses. They come in several sizes for Eyeglasses and a smaller version for contact lenses.


Lenz Frenz



I think these are perfect for adults as well. What a great place to stash your ‘reading in bed glasses’. You can hide anything in that area… This is perfect for gifts of all ages.

Via Rons Optical and ihearteyewear.com 

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  1. These are adorable and so practical. I would even use them for myself! Love the handy contact lens compartment as well. Thanks for sharing.