Kaneko Optical Japanese Eyewear Manufacturer

Kaneko Nonnative Eyewear

I have kept seeing Kaneko Optical, a Japanese eyewear manufacturer showing up in some of my favorite fashion blogs.  Of course I have to check them out. Again a Japanese Company (the site is written in Japanese) Using Goggle Translator- The site says: Kaneko Co., Ltd. was founded as a wholesale eyeglasses glasses 1958. Currently working on planning, design and sales with a focus on original brand, has established a strong position as a leader in the eyewear industry trends in Japan. Also, are also actively pursuing collaboration with the apparel industry has also worked with the original brand apparel brands and major collections around the country powerful.

Since 1998 in Milan, “Mido” in Paris and “Shirumo” participating in an international exhibition such as glasses, have played a full-fledged overseas. In addition, the first retail store in SoHo in 2000, FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK New York opened. Future we aim to further globalization in the industry pioneering the glasses, aiming to build a supply chain from production to sales.

It also look as if they have a retail shop as well.  Apparently they work with companies such as Sophnet and Uniform Experiment to provide eyewear for their collections.

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