John Lennon Eyewear Launch By Adlens With One For One Eyeglass Give Back Program

Oxford, UK, November  2012, Adlens®, global leader in variable focus eyewear launches a world first, The John Lennon™ Collection instant prescription eyewear. This follows the recent signing of a worldwide licensing agreement for the sale of John Lennon™ variable focus eyewear. The collection uses Adlens’® award winning Fluid-Injection lens technology and is based on the round iconic shape John Lennon™ is famous for.

Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and Executive Chairman of Adlens® comments: “We love our new brand. It’s light hearted and fun. This relationship is ideal for us because it embodies the physical and philosophical essence of John Lennon™. He was a true visionary who was a constant advocate for positive, worldwide change which has clear echoes in the Adlens® brand and values.  This is evident through two key themes which define our business. Firstly, our award winning technology development programme is focused on transforming the way people see the world. Secondly, our social soul is manifested through our Buy One Give One program. This iconic new collection is just the first in a range of new products that will be launched in the USA over the next 12 months. As John Lennon™ said: “We hope someday you will join us”.

Upon signing the licensing agreement Yoko Ono comments: “Adlens’® technology is such an interesting concept with such amazing potential that really captures the imagination. I am sure John would be proud to be associated with the glasses and the ethos behind them.”

Product: John Lennon™ instant prescription eyewear provides instant vision correction and immediate dispensing. Available as the Optical Collection, Sun Collection and Imagine Collection: Imagine modern technology meets legendary styling with a social conscience.

Adjust and Go: John Lennon™ eyewear is simple; it can be set and dispensed in a matter of minutes. It allows dispensers to dial, set and seal the wearer’s prescription by adjusting Fluid-Injection lenses for each eye.

Customise for Use: Instant prescription eyewear can be customised for different activities.  John Lennon™ sunwear can be set to distance for use as an outdoor – prescription sunglass; and clear eyewear can be set for near or intermediate use for reading, deskwork or computers.

See Well, Do Good: Fluid-Injection lens technology was originally created to provide vision correction in less developed countries. In keeping with its philanthropic heritage, Adlens® will donate a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world for every pair purchased through their Buy One Give One programme.

How It Works: Variable focus eyewear, closely models the eyes’ natural dynamic behaviour, restoring vision quality and control.  The refractive power of each polycarbonate lens is set by adjusting intuitive dials containing optically-clear silicon fluid. Once the prescription for each eye is set, the dispenser seals the system by turning an integrated lever and removing the dials. For the finishing touch colour-matched end caps can be attached.

Benefits: Instant prescription eyewear is an entirely new category of vision correction. It is fast and efficient; the wearer gets their glasses immediately, and the dispenser avoids the wait and expense associated with labs.

Vital Statistics: While 65% of adults in the USA wear glasses, only 11% wear prescription sunglasses (Jobson Optical Research).  The John Lennon™ Collection can support the eyecare professional by offering instant prescription sunglasses as the ideal solution for their patients. The John Lennon™ Collection covers a wide range of spherical powers from -4.5 to +3.5 dioptres and is available as:

Optical Collection: consisting of clear lenses available in four frame colours: gloss black; brown tortoise; demi/olive and crystal.

Sun Collection: sunglasses consisting of: gloss black frame with grey lens tint; brown tortoise with grey-green lens tint; demi/olive with brown lens tint and crystal frame with brown lens tint.

Imagine Collection: sunglasses consisting of: crystal frame with blue lens tint; crystal with orange lens tint and sunset frame with plum flash mirrors.

The eyeglasses are light-weight, the impact and scratch resistant lenses are durable and easy to clean and they offer protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. All frames are made from TR90. The technology complies with all relevant product safety and performance requirements.

Where It Comes From: Michael C Ferrara, CEO and Executive Chairman for Adlens® comments: “The John Lennon™ Collection is an innovative application of variable focus lens technology developed by Adlens®. Since our commercial launch in April 2011, we have manufactured and sold more product than any other company in this emerging category.  Supported by our international supply chain and quality system we have become a global enterprise which leads in the development and sales of variable focus eyewear”, Ferrara continues: “Fluid-Injection, variable power lenses offer a groundbreaking new alternative to eyeglass lenses in a totally new category of vision correction. It is this innovation that continues to win awards around the world.”

Where It’s Going:  “We know the key to gaining widespread acceptance is to make the eyewear look stylish and adjust intuitively. We are working with retailers, consumers and our supply chain partners to evolve our technology and improve every day in response to their requirements. At our Oxford, UK, based innovation centre our talented team is working on the development of the most sophisticated precision vision solution built on our revolutionary Fluid-Compression technology. This innovation will offer total, on demand vision of outstanding quality and will result in new commercial potential for optical retailers in the USA. Precision vision meets style.”

Eyewear licensed to Eagle Eyewear Inc. is the exclusive creator and master eyewear licensee of the John Lennon™ Eyewear Collection. © Yoko Ono Lennon. Licensed exclusively by Bag One Arts. Lennon™ & John Lennon™ are trademarks of Yoko Ono Lennon.  


Editors Notes


Adlens® was founded in Oxford, UK, in 2005 with the joint aims of addressing the unmet need for refractive vision correction in the developing world and pursuing commercial applications of variable focus lens technology.  Having grown from a philanthropic initiative, Adlens® is a commercial business with a social soul. Over 30,000 pairs of variable focus glasses have been given away since the first prototype was created and this work continues today, through Vision for a Nation®.  With headquarters in Oxford, UK and offices in Boston, USA and Tokyo, Japan, Adlens®’ first commercial distribution of glasses was in April 2011. Adlens® lens technology has won a variety of Awards including the prestigious Wall Street Journal Asia Award for Technology.

Vision for a Nation® 

Vision for a Nation® is an innovative program to provide universal access to eyeglasses, starting in Rwanda. Vision for a Nation® will offer free vision assessments to the entire population of Rwanda aged 8 years and above, an estimated 7.5 million people, and provide eyeglasses, including adjustable eyeglasses, to all who need them. By providing universal access to eyeglasses, Vision for a Nation® aims to have a positive and measurable impact on the productivity, education, employment and quality of life of all Rwandan beneficiaries. Vision for a Nation® Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales.

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