Italian Independent Eyewear By Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann in Server $1369 USD

While searching for my story yet to be done on the most expensive eyewear I came across Lapo Elkann Eyewear who decided to Design and Manufacturer his own Eyewear Line (2007). Of course I am intrigued, like who is this guy? Lapo Elkann was the marketing manager of Fiat (grandson to Gianni Agnelli  founder of Fiat) launched his eyewear line called  I.I. Italian Independent. (Very hard to find on the Internet). I.I. – get it eye-eye. His introductory sunglasses called Server (carbon fiber)  is priced at $1369 USD. Tom Ford also named Lapo as one of the most Chicest men in the world and he consistency shows up in the best dressed lists.

He is on Facebook, although not too much info. His eyewear is sold through the site and runs anywhere from $2,000 USD

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