Introducing Shamir Golf™ – A Sports Specialty Lens

Shamir Continues to Develop their Freeform® Family with Shamir Golf™

San Diego, CA – March 23, 2012 – Shamir announces the launch of their newest Freeform® product – Shamir Golf™, which will be available starting April 1st, 2012. Classified as a sports specialty Freeform® design, Shamir Golf™ is specifically designed for the golf enthusiast.

Shamir Golf™ is the ideal solution for golfer’s who have found that their everyday progressive lenses are not providing optimal vision out on the green. Unlike a standard progressive, Shamir Golf™ provides three distinct vision zones for the golfer: the near zone for the scorecard in the player’s hand, the mid-range zone for the ball at the player’s feet, and the far zone for the green in the distance. Each vision zone is enhanced specifically for the golfer’s needs. Shamir Golf™ is also designed to ensure clear peripheral viewing. While typical progressives often have distortion near the edge of the lens, Shamir Golf™ offers patients a clear peripheral viewing area, so player’s can see the ball clearly at their feet as well as where they want to hit the ball down the fairway. Designed specifically for wrap frames and with a 19mm fitting height, Shamir Golf™ provides the player with a more comfortable golfing experience.

The Golf™ lens also utilizes As-Worn Technology™, which requires additional measurements from the patient: Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt, and Panoramic Angle. Vertex Distance is the distance between the person’s glasses and their eyes, the Pantoscopic Tilt is the angle of the lenses as they sit on the patient’s face, and the Panoramic Angle is the angle of the frame. By taking these three additional measurements, the Shamir Prescriptor® software will automatically use these measurements to further refine the Rx given to the patient by the MD or OD. The resulting calculations will grind a more accurate lens and provide the patient with the proper Rx for the frame shape as it’s worn on the face. Available in SuperLite™ 1.60, Polycarbonate, and Trivex™, Golf™ will be available to order through Shamir’s network of Autograph® partner laboratories.

“Our goal at Shamir is to provide every person with clear vision, no matter what activities they participate in, so Shamir Golf™ is a great addition to our Freeform® family of products. It is the first sports specialty lens to provide a specific solution designed to match the wearer’s activity. Shamir truly has a solution for any visual need,” said Matt Lytle, VP Sales and Marketing.

Like all of Shamir’s lenses, Shamir Golf™ is designed with Shamir’s patented EyePoint Technology®. Shamir Golf™ is available in both progressive and single vision designs.

Shamir Golf™ provides another opportunity for practices participating in Shamir’s ReCreating Perfect Vision® (RCPV®) Rewards Program to earn rewards points. ECP’s will earn 2,250 points for each Golf™ pair dispensed and 900 points for each Golf – Single Vision™ pair dispensed.

For more information or questions regarding Shamir Golf™, please contact Shamir’s Sales and Client Services department at 877.514.8330.


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  1. Sporty, athletic trifocals are a great idea. Skiers would benefit as well- trail map, next turn, and down hill views are needed.

  2. Arlindo Costa says:

    Dear sirs. I have a question about “Shamir golf. Tm. ” progressive lens.

    It’s possible to use those lens in my normal life? Or are only useful for golf activity?
    Thank you for your attention.


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