Ganja Glasses for National Weed Day 4/20

Since legislature in many states has now allowed for the legal recreational or medical use of marijuana, the Cannabis Culture has become more widely accepted than say the days of the “Reefer Madness” propaganda. As of late, Hemp cannabis has been deemed  a renewable energy source as well as a plaint suitable for manufacturing clothing and beauty products . We aren’t all too dazed and confused that eyewear companies have gotten a taste for that sweet Mary Jane, not just on April 20th, but year round.

Hemp Eyewear-1

Hemp Eyewear


Believe it or these stylish glasses by Hemp Eyewear were the spawn of a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign.  The company culture is motivated by the idea of sustainability and creating biodegradable eyewear completely out of hemp.  These sunglasses are unisex and because of the raw materials used, each pair is patterned completely different from the next.

Super Flat Top Cannabis Eyewear

Super Flat Top Cannabis Eyewear

These Super Flat Sugardaddy glasses are for the toker with a more refined pallete.  Handmade in Italy, the acetate shades feature premium Zeiss lenses that can even have your prescription added.  The black and ivory combination is awe inducing, while the gold cannabis leaf embossed at the temples seems to get the ultimate message across. The flat top gives these sunglasses that extra edge (as if they needed it!).

Super Cannabis Eyewear

Super Cannabis Eyewear

These aviator style super frames are lacking the quintessential cut out at the nose bridge.  Instead these gold toned lenses are connected by a woodgrain bridge with a marijuana leaf prominently etched into the center of the design.  These sunglasses are what you might refer to a Cannabis Couture.

Saliona Ganjia by G Sevenstarrs

Saliona Ganjia by G Sevenstars

G- Sevenstars is a relatively young eyewear company established in 2012. Though we love old faithful brands, we are lit with excitement about this company’s fresh take on design.  The straight topped matte black frames are decorated with bright green laser carvings of green hemp leaves.  The ombré lenses are a cohesive choice for these munchie inducing shades.

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