Fashion Designer To Send Eyeglasses To Poor Brazilians

German fashion designer Ralph Anderl has unveiled a series of t-shirt designs that will be put to auction for charity, ABC News reports.

The designer, who works for ic! Berlin, asked 35 artists to create original t-shirts, which will be used to raise money for underprivileged persons in Brazilian.

Proceeds from the shirts, which were revealed on the final day of Berlin”s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, will be used to send eyeglasses to Brazilians who cannot afford them.

Liz Vegas, a tattoo artist from Berlin, designed a black shirt that featured the phrase “tattoo for a better life” in silver lettering.

The label has donated 2,000 frames for the project and will use the money from the auction to provide lenses. The frames are made of sheet metal and do not contain screws, according to the event”s website.

Organizers have not yet set a target for the number of lenses they wish to donate, according to the news source.

Through the initiative, the designer hopes to connect “the optical world with fashion, art and charity [and expand] people”s minds,” according to the ic! Berlin website.

Source; Design Training

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