Eyewear Trends: Shades Of Orange

The color orange is cropping up more and more in eyewear and we love it. Orange is a warm color and transmits warmth, happiness and even social communication. The vibrancy of the color orange represents risk taking, energy and adventure. It is a great stand out color. Orange can we worn with lots of other colors: Black, teal, yellow, red, blue, grey and even purple.

Since Orange is the New Black, we searched and we found orange eyewear and orange accents in eyewear. Our top picks:

Jono Hennessy Style 8321

Jono Hennessy Style 8321

Dolabany Eyewear Style Sardi in Orange

Dolabany Eyewear Style Sardi in Orange

Frost Style Opera

Frost Style Opera in Burnt Orange

Theo stye Cinquante +Sept21

Theo Style Cinquante +Sept21

ZanZan Style Mizaru in Tangerine

ZanZan Style Mizaru in Tangerine

Modern Optical Style Funny

Modern Optical Style Funny in Orange and Black

LA Eyeworks Style Donut

LA Eyeworks Style Donut in Orange and Green

Caroline Abram Style 10-12-22

Caroline Abram Style 10-12-22 in Teal and Orange

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