Eyewear For Big Heads

Some people just have big heads and wide bridges and nothing is worse than trying to find and updated Eyewear look that doesn’t dig into the side of the head, giving you ridgehead! It’s painful plus causing headaches and whatnot.

First any full rimless frame can be made larger, you can pick any shape and size to fit. But the larger the shape the heavier the eyewear, and with some prescriptions and jobs, you may not want a rimless frame.

There are some eyewear collection devoted exclusively to people with large heads:

Fatzhead Eyewear (on Facebook and Twitter) extra wide eyewear, for prescription and non- prescription. Dealer locator on the site. You can also reach them via SkYpe

Menizzi Italy- Menizzi started out with fashionable funky eyewear for the petite wearer. They just launched The Big Guy Eyewear collection biggueyewear.com. The collection features large bridges (19-20) perfect for those big and wide noses that nothing seems to fit.

ClearVision offers XLFit eyewear from brands of Cole Haan, Izod, ClearVision Collection, BCBG

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